The SEGA Fourth Grade Gazette

October 7, 2013

October Already?

I can hardly believe we are almost two weeks into October. We are still having a lot of fun. We are also working very hard. In Social Studies we are at the end of our journey west. We should be in the Oregon Territory by the end of the week, unless something drastic happens on the trail. So far we have encountered snakebites, attacks by other wagon trains, food shortages, wheel destruction, and many other setbacks. Hopefully all of that is behind us.......

What are we doing next?

Units of Study Continued....

In units of study we will begin a problem based unit that involves math, science, social studies, reading and writing. The problem presented is a town that is failing economically. People are moving away and the town is slowly but surely going broke. We will decide how to use the towns available resources in order to plan a farm crop. We must find a crop that works with our climate. We also need to find a crop that is planted and harvested quickly in order to turn a quick profit. It should be great fun!