What Will You Choose *UPDATE*

Look at who has a chance so far!

Look at these Star Studded Rockstars who are in the raffle for the Statement Necklace of their choice

They have already sold $2300+ and have their name entered into my Statement Necklace drawing!! Congrats to Dona Lanier, Madelon Lanier, Lindsay Martin-Nez, Sally Neff, Mary Beth Shepherd and Barb Fogel

Still Plenty of Time to get entered!!

Love It! Work it! Own it!!

You still have 10 selling days left in July so reach out and call 20 peeps today and tell them why you think they will be the perfect Debut Hostess - doesn't stink one tiny bit that they also get a free engraved necklace!! Book, hostess coach and hold 2 more shows this month is all you need to do to hit $2300 (oh and an outside order of two) and you're in baby!!
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