Waiting to Exhale

EQ: influences on Tobacco


Tobacco is one of the leading reason that a lot of humans die in America, also six million people die because of it. Tobacco was establish in Jamestown Virginia in 1612. At the moment is what a very big deal because of what the product can do. But, they didn’t know what it could do to their health. Tobacco had a very big impact on the Country at the time. The economic was booming! Over in the European area it was booming to because everyone wanted to try this new thing.
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Tobacco then to now.

Jamestown settlers experimented with glassblowing, vine but nothing work out. The economic impact was rising like crazy like 2/4 of the money rising. Sales were going left and right. Ships were going back and across the ocean never stopping. In today’s society Young Adults think the urge to smoke is cool but it’s really not. Nearly, almost 23 percent of the population from the age 13-21 smoke tobacco. Smoking can cause bad breath and a lot of health issue. Also air pollution. Illegal Use on drugs is hurting the U.S. economy and young people in society. Yes, it has drop since the 1990s but illegal drugs are still bad. Almost 34 percent of teens use drugs. They used them for depression, lack of education, and thinking its cool. If people think that doing drugs is cool. Than more and more people will do it. Drugs, are one of the most top things that are killing people In America and around the world. Tobacco control programs help reduce smoking in teens and adults.