How to Bunbury

by: Tailiyah J.

Intro To BUnburying

What is Bunburying?

If you need to cancel an engagement, want to lead an exciting double life, or just want a new personality for fun, bunburying is the way to go and this guide will tell you just how to do it.



Before you go out into the world under as your Bunbury, you need to make sure you have these 3 things:

1) A different name: people will recognize you if you use the exact same name, so creating a new one will help disguise you.

2) Make a separate wardrobe with outfits you usually wouldn't wear: Hide any noticeable attributes about yourself which includes what you wear. Your Bunbury should be a complete opposite version of you so no one will be able to suspect you have two identities. This also includes your dialect and any social media sites you want to connect your Bunbury to.

Starting Your Bunbury

3) Find a place you don't usually go: When you Bunbury, make sure both identities are in places where they would never encounter each other to eliminate any possible questioning.

4) Make new friends: Entrusting people with your secret identity can be a problem and the information can end up in the wrong hands. Having a different set of people to hang out with for each identity is fun and your Bunbury won't be suspected as easily.

5) Come up with excuses to leave: There can be extreme cases where you have to suddenly switch into your other personality, but you might be surrounded by people. With an excuse to leave the room out of nowhere, you wouldn't have any cause for questioning.

Continuing Out Your Bunbury

6) Make a daily planner: Decide who you are going to be and at what times you will portray them so you won't have any confusions on to where your supposed to be and when your supposed to be there.

7) Mental Reminders: Create a way to remember who you are during the course of the day as not to get confused on personalities.

Possible Problems that You May Have