My Trip To Cedar Run

Dana A7

Cedar Run AVT Trail

This is about a field trip to Cedar Run AVT Trails. Have you ever heard of i All of the 7th grade should go to it. I will explain to you about the plan I have for this trip that I am thinking about going to. I will also tell you about the new things we can learn in this field trip. I want all of the 7th Graders to learn on this trip and most importantly to have fun too.

The people who should go are all of the 7th graders. The McMillan 11-13 year olds can learn many things in this trip. There are about 275 kids that will go on the trip. This will be a great experience for the 7th graders to see. I maybe will look forward to this trip.

The field trip is at a place called Cedar Run AVT Trails. It is located in the region, Frontier Trails. Republican City, Nebraska is where Cedar Run AVT is located in. According to a picture I saw and some research it is dirt trails where people can ride four wheelers on and hills. The place sounds absolutely fun. It would be a great way for students to learn.

There are reasons that we should go. The reasons are educational and the reasons are mathematical. We should go because we can measure the speed of the 4 wheelers and how fast we should go on a dirt road. We can measure the length of the trail and how long it is and how far it goes. We can even measure the time, the miles per hour we can go and how long it would take to get to the end of the track. Those feel like very reasonable reasons to go to a place like that.

I explained where it is. I also explained who will go and why we should go. I told you the whole plan of this field trip and I really hope you like it. This field trip is very educational in math.