Plants that are used for timber


Black bean has two local names called Moreton Bay bean, Moreton Bay chestnut. This tree grows in Northern NSW to northern QLD. The black bean tree can grow up to 40 metres in height and the stem can grow to 1.2 metres in diameter. The bark is grey to brown and slightly rough. The colour of the heartwood, ranges from dark brown to chocolate shades almost to black, sometimes has colourful bands. Black bean was used in lining, flooring,mouldings and joinery, but is hardly used for these applications now. Its texture is a little greasy to touch and is often wavy or interlocked.

Silver ash

Flindersia bourjotiana, F. schottiana is the scientific name for Silver Ash. This hardwood grows from the coastal rainforests of Northern NSW all the way to north QLD. The hardwood changes from white-silver to pale yellow shades. Sliver ash is used for furniture, plywood, laminated beams, laminated bench tops, shop and office fixtures, flooring, lining, joinery, mouldings, parquetry flooring, turnery, carving, picture frames. There are others that are not so common eg, Boat building, marine plywood, structural plywood, coach, vehicle and carriage building, aircraft construction.

Slash pine

The scientific name is Pinus elliottii var. elliottii, P. elliottii var. densa, it comes from the family, Pinaceae. It is a medium size tree reaching the height of approximatly 30-35 meters. The size of the stem is roughly 0.7 meters in diamter. The heart wood is redish brownish with some yellow shades. The wood is used for framing, flooring, lining, joinery, mouldings, laminated beams, external cladding, decking, fascia and barge boards. They decorate it with Furniture, plywood, joinery, turning. On the Slash Pine tree there are very visible growth rings due to latewood form. There will also be some false annual growth rings every now and then.

Red siris

The scientific name for the red siris plant is Paraserianthes toona and it comes from the Family: Leguminosae. It is a medium size tree that reaches the hieght of 30 meters and the diameter of the stem is 1 meter. The bark is grey and brown and when it is freshly cut it is pink. Red siris is used as sawn timber for general house framing, flooring, linings, mouldings and joinery. And is also used as funiture, turnery, joinery. The wood colour is dark red with some yellow stipes.

Grey gum

The scientific name for grey gum is Eucalyptus propinqua var. propinqua, E. punctate, and comes from the Family: Myrtaceae. The local names for grey gum are Grey iron gum and small fruited grey gum. The grey gum tree grows to 40 metres in height and the diameter of the stem is 1 metre. The colour of the heartwood is red to brown. Grey gum is used for Railway sleepers, landscaping sleepers, cross-arms, poles, piles and mining timbers. It is also useful for framing, flooring, retaining walls, boat building and butcher's blocks. this tree grows from Wyong, New South Wales, to Maryborough.


In this conclusion I have conducted a thorough review from five different types of plants that are used for timber. ( Black bean, Red siris, Slash pine, Silver ash and Grey gum.) Out of all of the trees I have picked they are all used for decorative thing like furniture. They also all grow in Queensland and northern NSW. These trees are medium size and are all roughly the same height and the same diameter in the stem.