Gatsby Does It Again

By Jordan Kimsey

The party

Gatsby has done it again everybody! This was the party of the century with a live orchestra and an endless amount of food and drinks. The mood the whole night was filled with happy drunkenness. It was an extravagantly thrown party. Some of the people who attended the party was that of Nick, jordan, owl eyes, mr. Tostoff's along with countless other people. The whole night was filled with craziness. The American high society believe that they are above the law by doing whatever they please. Owl eyes ran his car off the road in the wee morning hours after the party. It appeared he had a little to much to drink that night. Many rumors are floating around about the mysterious mr. Gatsby. Some believe that he was a spy, others believe that he has once killed someone. Only time will tell until we figure more about the mysterious Mr. Gatsby.