IB Program Newsletter

Feb/March 2022

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May 2022 Exam Schedule

Congratulations to Full Diploma Students Elizabeth Cichetti & Madeline Tusa on their tremendous academic accomplishments!


Elizabeth Cichetti

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Madeline Tusa

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The Theory of Knowledge Seniors presented their exhibitions. The exhibition requires students to choose a prompt and then select 3 objects that relate to that prompt. They did a phenomenal job!!

Madeline Tusa

Prompt: “What is the relationship between personal experience and knowledge?”

Link to Exhibition: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19K7u9bmGA9KdKpl2pcEfeo8_wXi1LC1b/view?usp=sharing

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Rachel Proper

Prompt: "How can we distinguish between knowledge, belief, and opinion?"

Link to exhibition: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gyTuJ-enmJCNKVfAmW2J3KVa-w_jJjsc/view?usp=sharing

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Elizabeth Cichetti

Prompt: "What are the implications of having, or not having knowledge?"

Link to exhibition: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tqrO_SrXt-6gRKFnU9ApVZclx-8QKjrX/view?usp=sharing

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Logan Dobbins

Prompt: "Does all knowledge impose ethical obligations on those who know it?"

Link to exhibition: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X4OH2V0BATLkfWDZeWfZxTFzhdoG8PQW/view?usp=sharing

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Dr. Lunt from SUNY Potsdam visited Mr. DeRushia's IB French classes on Wednesday, March 9th. She spoke to the students about Tunisia and travelling in the French speaking world.
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To authenticate their conversations in Spanish, Mr. Boyle's IB Spanish II students enjoyed a little cup of tinto (strong Colombian coffee).
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Congratulations to IB Visual Arts Student Reese Dow!

Reese Dow was featured on WWNY Arts All Star segment!! Click the link below to view the piece. We are so proud of and amazed by her talent!
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Thinking, Communication and Social Skills

Mrs. David's IB Biology HL Juniors made stop motion animation videos to demonstrate the phases of meiosis. Student groups were required to narrate and animate the movement of the chromosomes in going from a diploid germ cell to a haploid sex cell. Some groups were required to show how errors during meiosis, called non-disjunction, cause genetic disorders, such as Downs Syndrome. Click the links below to see some samples of the students' work.

Logan Eggleston & Kristen Oliver

Meiosis stop motion

Jayden Dostie, Ty Lucey & Bailey Rochefort

meiosis stop motion 2

Lia Lazare and Sunny Thompson-Garrow

Meiosis Stop Motion 3