What's New in Tech for 2016

Tech Committee

It's Back

Think Through Math is back.

This can be easily accessed from https://clever.com/in/leanderisd.

This is easy to use and provides great data.

New Tech Ideas

First Grade

"1st grade reading comprehension”

(There is a fiction and nonfiction app). Students read a short story and if a word is too challenging, they can click on the word to have it read to them. After reading the story, students answer comprehension questions.

These two apps can be installed on the ipad to used during language arts workstations.

Second Grade

Abitalk- reading comprehension...short story read to student, then they answer comprehension questions about the story.

Inference Ace-short scenario is given, Then the kids have to infer and pick correct answer.

Telling Time-You are able to set what you are looking for (increments). Then it gives those types of problems. It shows the time on the clock and then the student had to type time.

Used during small group or partner work, reteach, RTI.

Used during small group or partner work, reteach, RTI.

3rd- 5th Grade Resources


Fifth graders have really taken off with blended learning. In math and science, we have made stations that incorporate Blendspace and Google drive this year. We also incorporate hands on activities into this giving the teacher the time to provide small group instruction.


For goal practice, we have created Blendspaces with videos and links to games. This can be easily accessed from school or home for students by linking to your website.


Another easy resource is quizziz.com. This is similar to Kahoot. This can be used for a lesson, pre-assessment, or quiz.


In our biography and autobiography unit, ELA teachers incorporated Cube Creator http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/cube_creator/

and Timeline generator http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/timeline_2/

for students to map out their ideas.