Personal Fitness Update

March 28th

Grades are In!

As of this morning, 3/28 all assignments have been graded and updated in the gradebook. Please be sure to review your feedback from me and be sure that you have submitted all required assignments. If you have not, please be sure to submit by Tuesday 3/29, by Midnight for partial Credit.

Spring Break is Coming: GAVS Spring Break April 4-8

Tips for Success Over Spring Break

As a reminder, no assignments are due during the GAVS Spring Break, however, you may submit assignments at your own pace if you would like.

IMPORTANT: If your school does not observe Spring Break the same week as GAVS, you will still be held responsible for submitting assignments according to your syllabus.

I have posted more information in your course Bulletin Board on your homepage, so if this applies to you, please be sure to take a look.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Important Upcoming Dates

Next Adobe Chat Session: March 30th

Next Fitness Log Due: March 31st

GAVS Spring Break: April 4-8

Next Assignment Due date: April 14th