NPHS Library Media Center News

October 2013

QR Codes--Fun Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom

A QR code--or a Quick Response code--is a tool which can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom

Make a display interactive. Let a QR code lead to a video or website to explain or give additional information.

Link to book trailers. In our library you will often find QR codes leading to a book trailer.

Tutorials--use a QR code to link to a tutorial. This could be used for a student to locate help with problems in math or science.

Guides--use a QR code to link to a guide or short video tutorial when starting a project.

Building Block--use QR codes to build background knowledge and connect to content

Scavenger hunts. Use a QR code for students to discover interesting facts/ideas. This could be to questions on a worksheet or could be to guide them to particular websites/videos as they work on a project.

Instant surveys--link to a poll.

Creating QR Codes

To create a QR code:
Find a QR code generator --some possible links listed below
Choose the type of code you are going to create
Enter the information. For a website, enter the url. If long, to shorten.
Click submit.
Copy and paste the QR code into Word (Maybe want to save for later use). Add question or label to document.
Print (if you want to keep these, you probably want them laminated--just let me know)

QR Code Readers

Locate QR Journal on the Mac for student use. Go to the Spotlight and type in QR to locate the QR reader.

Several free QR readers are available.

My favorite for the i-pad is i-nigma

Also have used QR Reader. Both are available at the App Store.

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Our Hero Tree

Starting in October, the NPHS Library Media Center will be participating in the 'Our Heroes Tree' program. This program works to honor past and present service members and create an awareness of military families currently affected by deployment.

Students have also suggested that we include our local police and firefighters on the tree. I think this will be a nice way to honor them also.

To participate, simply create a handmade ornament honoring the service member from past and present wars, conflicts, or peacetime operations. Examples: Ornaments can include pictures of the service member or a picture with the member and family. Stories about individual service members can also be submitted and displayed in a binder near the tree.

Ornament templates are available in the NPHS Library Media Center or can be emailed to you. For a template, please email

Make Over for Fiction!

If you have not had time yet this year, take a few minutes to 'check-out' the new arrangement for the fiction books--by genre! A visitor yesterday said , "It has a bookstore feel." Students are lovin' it!