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Rev. Efrem Smith_Que Convergence_Part 2

What is the solution for the dilemma of race?

All lives matter to God; that is not the problem, that is not the dilemma of race. The problem is we are in a broken world where all lives do not value the same. As long as we are in prison to race we will not find the solution to this. The solution to the dilemma of race is not colorblindness it is reconciliation and seeing each other for who we truly are. We can build bridges and tear down walls by simply becoming who it is that we were meant to be from the inside out and this my friends is the solution for the dilemma of race.

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Who is Efrem Smith?

Reverend Efrem Smith is the President and CEO of World Impact, a Christian Missions organization committed to facilitating church planting movements, leadership development, and demonstrating compassion and justice in urban under-resourced communities. He is the author of The Post-Black and Post-White Church and Jump: Into a Life of Further and Higher. He is also an Itinerant Speaker with Forge Ministries.

Q Commons March 3rd!

Rev. Efrem Smith was one of our speakers at Q Commons in the fall of 2015. On March 3 we will have a whole new local and national lineup as we meet for a night where gospel based leaders are together, talking and transforming. Register today and bring other leaders using this link –

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Q Commons Sacramento, March 3, 2016 at Studio 817, Sacramento

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