1.BMX was started in Southern California .With 5 un-kids in a field behind there house sat the BMX track in the yearly 70's.

2.A BMX bike back then cost up to $1 to $200, but now it cost up to $50 to $2,000. The frame costs the most, with the rims and sprocket.

3.The first pro, one of creator of BMX, is Brent Patterson. With 50 wins in a row, that is still the most winds in a row today.

4.The best frames to race are Intense,Redline, Crupi, DoubleCross, Gt, Se, Speedco, Supercross, Haro, and DK.

5.To be able to race you need to be wearing a helement, race pants, jersey, race gloves, knee/elbow pads and goggles.


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