Bouquet's Expedition

Henry Bouquet

Pontiac's Rebellion

Elizabeth Hale

Pontiac’s Rebellion started when Chief Pontiac and his Ottawa tribe and their allies attacked the British Fort Detroit. They tried to expel the British from the land that the British had captured from the French.1Bouquet tried to make a peace treaty with a coalition of Delaware, Seneca and Shawnee tribes, but they wouldn’t accept. Bouquet commanded the British army to fight back against the Indians to end this war. 2 King George III wanted to end Pontiac's rebellion so he issued a proclamation that gave all the land west of the Appalachians to the Indians. This proclamation helped bring peace to the Ohio River Valley. People called this Bouquets expedition. 1

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The life of Henry Bouquet

Hannah Cox

Henry Bouquet was born in 1719 in Switzerland.1 His father was a British officer too. He followed his dad’s footsteps by entering the English military in 1736. He was then sent to North America to defend British colonies during the French and Indian war. After being sent to North America, he helped sign a peace treaty with the French and Indians. Therefore, the war had ended. He was the famous Colonel in the French and Indian war that fought for the British. 2 His life was known as Bouquet's expedition.

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Who is Henry Bouquet?

Remy Garrison

Henry Bouquet is mostly known for his role that he played during Pontiac’s Rebellion. Pontiac’s Rebellion was a conflict between the Ottawa Chief Pontiac’s tribe with the French and the British. The warriors of Ottawa was Reinforced by other tribes from Pennsylvania and Maryland, fighting against the British in Detroit. Henry Bouquet became the commander of Fort Pitt. He led a force of over 1,500 soldiers. He was the leader of the British army. He would threaten that he would use all of his power to restrain the enemy from attack.1

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Why the French and Indian War was fought

Juliet Wiatrak

The French and the British had just discovered the New World, which became America. Both Britain and France claimed Territories in the New World. This territory was between the Appalachians and the Mississippi River. This War was also very different from previous wars. This war was fought in North America when others were fought in Europe. The reason that this war was fought in North America was because both the French and British were fighting over land in that area. In 1756, the British formally declared war on the French. That was the very beginning of the French and Indian War. Also, George Washington fought in this war. This war was the one time that George Washington surrendered to an enemy during a war1. This war ended when the British had successfully captured two forts, the French city of Montreal collapsed, and the British had taken control. The French and Indian war concluded in 17632.

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