Arin Hanson's Story

overcoming the obstacles of a struggling creative

The adolescent years

Arin Joseph Hanson was born January sixth,1987 in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was raised by his mother and father and has one older brother named Nate. Arin went to wellington high school, and it was revealed on his internet comedy show, "Game grumps" that he dropped out in his junior year because of the schools poor curriculum.

Early Twenties

Arin left Florida to pursue a career in writing, this dream would never be achieved. He made his way to California and became a voice actor and animator of cartoons. He began to run a You tube channel under the alias "Egoraptor" and made cartoons centered around video games.


When Arin and his girlfriend, Suzy moved to California, they had no money. Together they managed to scrounge up some jobs at Disney Land. The hours were long and they were working minimum wage. They were very poor at the time. One day Arin got a raise. Arin and Suzy put their money together and bought a pizza. They were both so exited that they cried. They still would have a hard time making their way into the world. with virtually no money and Arin dropping out of high school, finding a job in the animation business would be hard. So he tried his hand at you tube and became incredibly popular. His problem was man vs. society. Dropping out of highschool has cultural negetive cultural influence.
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After he became internet famous Arin Hanson decided to use his influence for a variety of things. Most recently he, and the other grumps, completed an eight hour retro charity live stream called 'Give Grumps'where they donated over 15000 dollars to the crisis text line. He became part of a band called Starbomb, which writes music about video games. Arin also animates and voice acts professionally. and encourages fans to create fan works as well.
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My Open Letter to Top Game Developers
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