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Newsletter March 17th

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Balanced Literacy and Guided Reading

Guided Reading Groups

Guided reading is an important part of a balanced literacy program. It allows for differentiation in the classroom as teachers are able to meet the needs and levels of all their students. Guided reading groups typically last 15-20 minutes each. Here's how it could look:

  1. Students reread a familiar book to warm up while the teacher takes a running record for assessment on one student.
  2. Do some word work that relates to the new book.
  3. A new book is introduced. The teacher directs the students to read the title and author, and to look at the picture on the cover. Have students predict what they will read. The teacher continues with a picture walk introducing new, or tricky vocabulary.
  4. Students then read the story on their own.
  5. While the teacher listens, she can prompt each student with a teaching point such as accuracy, fluency, or strategies to use at difficulty.
  6. When the students are done reading, the whole group comes back together to discuss comprehension, strategies, word work, or to write about reading.

Examples of Guided Reading Group Schedules

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