Alcohol substance use and abuse

Alcohol is a drug that many people use to get out of reality and feel relaxed or just get away and make them feel better

Explain how someone might act under the influence of alcohol ?

When someone is under the influence of alcohol they aren't in virtual reality . They aren't there selves they often have a short temper or in some cases really happy .

Define substance use,abuse and misuse?

Substance use is anytime someone consumes alcohol or drugs , substance abuse is when a person uses drugs or alcohol regardless of the negative effects in their lives, substance misuse is the harmful use of a substance like alcohol for un prescribed /non medical purposes.

What are the warning signs that someone is addicted to alcohol?

Some warning signs are

-lying about hiding your drinking

-Drinking to relax or feel better

-"blacking out "

-drinking in dangerous situations

-having trouble with. Your loved ones

-neglecting responsibility and dutys

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Short and long term consequences

Short term :

~slowed reaction time

~poor memory

~difficult thinking and concentrating


~mood swings

Long term:



~liver disease and cancer

Externals consequences

Physical health: unstableness

Mental health : getting money for food but spending it on alcohol

Emotional health: mood swings and bad temper

Spiritual Heath: thinking stealing is bad but u will do anything for alcohol so u think stealing is okay in the moment

Social health:effects your family

Environmental health: outside the house is trashy because u don't want to clean

Internal consequences

Physical health: drunk and kills brain cells

Mental health:thinking your making you the right design when really your not

Emotional health: feeling really good when your drunk

Spiritual health: false happiness

Social health : feelings of insecurities

Enviromental health: inside is dirty like the outside be ur not motivated to clean

You can get help!!

Alcohol policy network

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