Make a November to Remember

Mindset Makeover

What does November mean to you

November for me has always been a time of reflection when I look back at the year, take a moment to see what I've done well, how far I came and reset for the end of the year. What I don't do, is stay stuck, I make the end of the year one of triumph.

Historically for most it's a time when the hot chocolate comes out and hibernation begins.

Why I keep moving; First: I'm a driven person, have been from birth. I've always had a voice in my head that said - you were born for greatness. So I'll ask the question - do you have a knowing in your soul that you were supposed to something, have a message or empower others? You've come to the right place at the right time.

doTERRA can be that vehicle for all of us. My dad always said I was destined for a stage........I think it could be the stage at convention; so I'll start with a stage in Carson City and let the universe guide my steps in that direction.

Let's open this page of your journey, take a step out of the comfort zone, and begin to dream of the possibilities!



Leaders, if you have people on your teams who are not receiving the content but want to added. Please send me a text or email with their information. Thank you.

Mindset Makeover!

If you feel stuck in the movement toward your goals, regardless if the goal is about rising to a new rank or improving your relationships - do you feel prepared? When we think about being prepared, it may look like mastering your presentation, one to one or class time or needing to spend more time with those you love and cherish. It could also look like opening your heart to allow others into our lives and improving our relationships.

What I'm talking about though, is your mindset? Have you cleared out the negative beliefs you may have around money, relationships or making a goal into a reality ? Okay, we all have them, for me it was Money creates conflict. I hate conflict, I don't necessarily shy away from it, but I really don't like conflict! So I'll do what I can to avoid it.....that can result in sabotage when I'm within reach of my goal, especially when that goal results in more money being attracted. If you've been hurt by relationships it can result in a wall in front of your heart. It still comes from the mindset we develop over time.

I'm sharing a link to private Dropbox folder - there you can access the content to have a better relationship with money and people - It's the first step to my 5 gates into the inner circle. But you must call, text or email me in order for me to send that link to a Dropbox folder

The five gates:

Step 1: send a text or email for the link to Money Friends, add Money Friends in the subject

Step 2: Listen to the link - when you're done, send me a text or email with the big AhHA you got from Money Friends.

Step 3: Take action and do the steps in the link.

Step 4: Send me how you feel about what you learned. You are welcome to share the , (optional)

Step 5: Be willing to get uncomfortable and move out of your comfort zone and unleash your greatness within.

If you're open to a mindset makeover - let me know. I guarantee you won't leave the same person as you started. Let's start today to unlock your potential.

With Love,

Gratitude Section

I appreciate and am grateful for you all. Each of you came into this tribe to contribute towards us all. You may not even realize it, but when we think about it, there are no mistakes, we're all destined to move towards something amazing. Each of us hold a special talent, gift or inspiration for another.

This month let's your out to play, you never know what will happen......


November 10 & 17, 2018; 10:30 > Natural Solutions Class

November 23rd 2018; Black Friday Open House - come for fun, tips and doTERRA treats and drinks.

INNER CIRCLE CALLS: Zoom Calls to the inner circle begin November 111th at 4:30 pm information is on the link to the Inner circle Dropbox.


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