Greek and Roman Contributions

By:Claire Concha


The vase is a part of Greek art, it has been used and created for many years. Now vases are used to hold flowers and display objects. Back when it was first created the case was used to create stories, and for showing off its beauty.


Movies are part of Greek theater and drama. They are used now for information and entertainment. When it was first invented it was used to produce movies and plays. However men could only act since women didn't have the right to act.


A dictionary is a example of Greek language. We use a dictionary to find words and their definitions. Back then language was just spoken, this shows how much language impacted our lives today.


A bible shows Roman religion now many people believe in different things a cross show a the belief of God. Now and back then people worshiped God, Christianity was the main religion then and now. The Christian religion evolved over time.


This shows Roman Architecture, when architecture was first used the Romans created a concrete road that was 250 miles long. This shows how much Roman architecture impacted us today since we have many roads all over the world.

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Greek Mythology was used to discribe events and explain life with a reason. Now it is used to tell stories and less people believe it is actually true. The Greeks were the ones who believed in Greek Mythology.

Freedom of Women

The freedom of women was a big part of history and was very important to women. Now days women can do almost everything that men can do. The freedom of Women was founded by the Romans.


The Romans had used aqueducts to carry water to other citizens who led in Rome. Now we have taken the idea and used toilets and sinks. We get the water from pipes underground that basically represents the Roman aqueducts