Let's Keep Talking: JEDCampSFBay

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Dear JEDCampSFBay community

Learning, sharing, connecting and reflecting between educators is powerful. Meeting in person is fun, develops our practice and enhances our resources. When we can't meet f2f we find other ways to continue connecting and advancing. This is essential to growing successful Connected Educator communities.

On October 27 more than 60 of us came together in person and it was a really good start to forming our connected community.

How do we keep it going? Here are a few ideas - but the list is really endless, populated by practical and creative suggestions you share out. There's no limit to what we can accomplish together! (Watch this space for a date for JEDCampNEXT!)


Put it in words: Reach out to someone you started a conversation with - text, email or a coffee invitation.

Write about the JEDCampSFBay experience or what you've done differently because of that experience - and post it wherever you post (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ communities, school newsletter, educator forum... Here's what I wrote)

Join an educator conversation on online - Try one of these or these Twitter edu-chats. New to Twitter chat? Happy to walk you through the steps. Email us

NOTE: Sam Patterson (Hausner EdTech Integration, formerly Kehillah) hosts a Tuesday Twitter chat #PATUE


Practice, Practice: Host a mini JEDCamp in your school with your faculty, your students... Think about inviting another school to participate

Supporting Colleagues: Learn the difference between having colleagues watch you perform, and inviting friends to support and improve your craft. Schedule a classroom visit to observe a teacher in your school or at the school of one of the educators you met. Meet up on Skype or Google Hangout before and after to share your thoughts.

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