The Fear of Beards


Pogonophobia https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qPkxfa5QhQY

The fear of beards or facial hair can cause great anxiety to the person dealing with this phobia.

This phobia along with any other phobia can severely affect ones health and well being.

Pogonophobia is known to affect thousands of people throughout the world.


* There may have been a traumatic experience in the persons life connected to a man with a beard.

* Having facial hair is thought of as being a sign of ruggedness. Often people with beards are portrayed as dirty, homeless, or people that are ill for this reason beards are seen as unhygienic.

* After 9/11 fear of beards increased due to the group of terrorists having beards.

* Fear of beards can affect all ages and genders but the we see it more commonly in women who are known to be uncomfortable with beards. A survey showed that most women don't mind a bit of stubble or five o'clock shadow but when it comes to long beards it is seen as a turnoff.

This video cheesily shows the causes of Pogonophobia. (Something traumatic happening involving bearded men)



* shortness of breathe hyperventilating around men with beards

* irregular heartbeat/palpitations

* sweating, trembling

* feelings of anxiety or nausea

* having a full anxiety or panic attack due to being around beards.


To get help with Pogonophobia doctors often prescribe anti anxiety medication but this does not get rid of the phobia just suppresses it for a temporary time. Talk therapy or Psychotherapy are the best option for overcoming Pogonophobia.