Why do people have so much hatred for each other?

Who am I? and How I came to this question?

Hello my name is Randy and I'm a sophomore at summer academy and I see all theses fights and people being bullied on the Internet and in person and no one does anything about it I can even say I've experience being bullied in the sixth grade there was this kid that would always make fun of me call me fat and all these other mean things and no one did anything about it and this can really effect the way someone can grow up to be for me I used to be a really good communicator I'd raise my hand and speak out but after that I just sit in the back with my head down and try to interact as little as possible. People look at bullying as something that doesn't really matter or that it's not a big deal but it is a big deal, some people even see hurting someone as a joke. Bullying can cause lots of issues mentally and physically for a person even pushing themselves to extreme and serious things like suicide. I did some research and suicide is the third leading cause of death according to the Center for Disease Control. It results in about 4,400 deaths per year. Bullied victims are 7 to 9% more likely to consider suicide according to a study by Yale University.Studies in Britain have found half of the suicides among youth related to bullying. So as you can see by the research I did, bullying is no laughing matter which is why I came up with my new topic question, Why do people bully?

Why I Bully You
Bullying - Stop It


To answer my question I think the best way to help is stepping up for someone even if you don't know them. Helping out one person can end up helping multiple people, because once you help that one person other people watching and the person being bullied will notice what you did and how it helped them and decide to help with this cause. Even helping someone on the internet being bullied can help as well. By help I don't mean go and make fun of the person being bullied or beat them up, I mean telling someone like an adult or teacher to come help, or even sit down and talk to the bully ask them why they're doing what they're doing and try to help them to do the right thing, because some people who bully don't realize they're bullying, some of the came from rough lives and some just feel left out and they don't want to be the new kid who gets picked on they'd rather be the person who picks on someone else, so just sitting down with them and helping them over come this issue can help not just them but lots of other people in the future.