Genocidal prevention

By: Maddie Derr, Miguel Sifuentes and Josue Sotero

Rwandan Genocide

In the Rwanda Genocide there were two sides; the Hutu and the Tutsi. The Hutu were inferior because the Tutsi had many cattle. There was also a formal colonial power where Germany had lost possession of Rwanda during World War I. Where Belgium also came in and placed Rwanda under administration. The Hutu political movement stood to gain majority rule which also allowed them to gain momentum while parts of the Tutsi majority refused democracy at the loss of their privileges. This was the start of the Hutu peasant revolution.

D.R.C Genocide

Since the mid-1990's, D.R.C. has been noticed as a country of many issues. First through a conflict described as Africa's World War. Which clashed between the National Army and many Peacekeepers. Insecurity has persisted in the eastern part of the country, permitting armed people to commit mass destruction against the civilian population. This included more than 2.9 million people who have either been abused or are without humanitarian assistance.

How we can help

  • Sound the alarm and demand action
  • Stop the enablers
  • Make human rights and genocide prevention core values in the U.S.