Spotlight on Strategies

Main Idea

Main Idea

Focus: Objective: The student will use main idea and supporting details to expand understanding of a variety of texts.

Students must identify two or more main ideas and find the most important details that strengthen the main idea. They should also be able to summarize the text in their own words. For interdisciplinary instruction I incorporated the Social Studies content for research, writing, and grammar. The final outcome will include a research and writing project. Through sequenced activities in a multi-disciplined approach students will identify the main idea in various resources.

Priority Standard


CC.1.2.5.A- Determine two or more main ideas in a text; explain how they are supported by key details; summarize the text.

Concepts (what the students need to know)

Informational text (both literary nonfiction and expository/technical texts)

How to explain (e.g., what and why)

Central/main idea

Types of text structures (e.g. sequence/chronological order, classification, definition, simple process, description, comparison)

Different purposes for graphic organizers, based on structure of text.

Big Idea (s)

Authors of informational text include key details in order to help readers make meaning of text. Good readers use key details in an informational text to identify the main topic. Good readers develop effective summaries that are supported by key details in informational text.

Challenge-6 words or less

Make a trading card using Choose any picture for the card. Summarize the content of the picture in 6 words or less. Post it to the Google Classroom wall.

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