SHMS School Improvement Plan

Four "C's" Focused on Authentic Student Improvement

Culture- A positive classroom environment that promotes student learning.

Staff will create positive learning environments by teaching appropriate behavior in a consistent and respectful manner encouraging the behavior they want to see in the classroom.

Students will be involved and on task in the classroom and engaged in their learning.

Curriculum- Lessons focus on the Common Core Standards.

Staff will develop content maps and align lesson plans based on the Common Core Standards.

Students will participate in classroom activities and make progress towards mastery of course content.

Classroom Instruction- Effective instructional strategies that encourage teaching for understanding.

Staff will implement student-centered, thinking-centered instruction with measurable outcomes that demonstrate learning.

Students will be engaged in explaining, organizing, practicing and applying their learning.

Classroom Assessment- Data driven analysis used to evaluate core instruction.

Staff will develop quality assessments that monitor student progress, provide appropriate interventions and feedback to involve students in their learning.

Students are actively engaged in the assessment process. Students use assessment feedback to plan next steps to meet learning goals.

Based on Jim Knight's "The Big Four".