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August 27, 2018

First IPR Grading Period ends THIS FRIDAY!

The 1st IRP (Interim Progress Report) cuts-off this Friday, August 31st and will be due loaded by 5PM on Tue, Sept. 4th. Grades with a due date Thu, Aug. 16 – Fri, Aug. 31 will be included in the average. Directions for loading IPR grades will be sent out later this week.
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We have a new Vodstock this year. For our new folks, this is how we can view the same video as an entire building. It also will have some of the local channels broadcast throughout the day. These are for teacher viewing and use of these channels in class would fall under the "Needs Duce's Approval" heading. We do watch our student broadcast on this system, so it is good to know where it is. The icon on your desktop looks like a hippie flower- returning folks be sure to use the right one if you have two. The new one says 2018. Good news- the new version works in Chrome so you don't have to open in IE and you may not have to log in! Also a little different: Once you open VODSTOCK 2018 and click on a station, you will need to click play for the station to start streaming.
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Megatrax- Sound files and Songs

If your students are doing a project that requires sound files or music, you definitely need to use Megatrax! The district pays for licensing for every campus so that we have resources that we and our students can legally use. It is a great time to discuss copyright. AND as an added bonus, if you are having student create something with music and you are talking about digital citizenship, it would probably qualify for a creativity badge!

I am going to link the login here so that you can access it. Please make sure you let your students know that if they attempt to type in their PW incorrectly more than three times it will lock EVERYONE out on that login for a couple of hours. It’s super important to be careful when logging in credentials.

The music may be used in video projects that go to contest. This would fall under the “productions not for sale” licensing. If you would like to have the licensing agreement to attach to your UIL/contest submissions please let me know. We are getting the 2017-18 license updated at the end of this month.

One last note regarding MegaTrax music- Last year a few of the songs on a HS broadcast were flagged on YouTube. It looks like it was flagged for copyright but says the “claimant” is allowing the content to be used. It looks like it is being monetized by Megatrax….We are still licensed to use this music and it is ok to upload to YouTube.

We no longer have a subscription to Soundzabound, however we do own the music that was purchased.

It is located here-

PC- W:\AMB\SoundzAbound

Mac- NetworkShares/HighSchool/AMB/SoundzAbound


I just added Clips to our iPads as another option for a video editor. Check out the 1.5 minute video below by one of our DLCs to see what it does. His school had iPads that were too old for the app, but ours work!


Please remember to turn off projectors!

We are seeing rooms where teachers have left for Mega Lunch to do duty or eat, or they leave during conference periods and the lights are off in the room but the projector is on. These extra hours can really add up and shorten the life of the bulb in your projector, so please turn it off when not in use. Thank you!

Grants for Great Ideas

Don't forget that Grants for Great Ideas is open for submissions and the deadline is September 14! I will tell you that generally they don't fill requests that just ask for more Chromebooks (I mean, let's be real- everyone wants more Chromebooks) BUT they do take requests for technology equipment sometimes if there is a very specific new program or purpose for its use.

It never hurts to ask! This is a wonderful way to get resources for your class!

Turn your phone into a presentation clicker

Victoria heard about an extension this weekend that turns your phone into a presentation clicker for Google Slides (sorry friends- if you are still in Power Point this is another reason to join us in this decade). I have no experience with this, but if you try it I would love to know how it goes!

Remote for Google Slides

Missing PC Laptop charging cords

We are missing 3 charging cords from laptops that were checked out from the library. Maybe last year, maybe this year... If you have borrowed a laptop in the past, please look around and see if you might still have one. It would be sad to have laptops that we can not use!
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5C Badges Open September 1!

If you are interested in doing a project soon, please let me know! I will need to enroll you in the Learning Hub course and get you set up with a project planning sheet to guide you through the process. You CAN fill out one project sheet as a team and then each person can copy/paste the answers into the Learning Hub for credit. Team work makes the dream work! #BetterTogether

For those new to the 5C project- you can earn a Chromebook to keep as long as you are in FISD!

There are 4 lessons that you will plan and implement that focus on use of technology to collaborate, communicate, think critically and be creative. Here is what we will ask of you through the process for each lesson (Almost all of it is stuff you already do and I can help you!)


  1. List Subject and TEKS covered.

  2. What is the desired student behavior?

  3. How is this lesson/project a good example of CREATIVITY?

  4. What technology will the students use to (collaborate/communicate/demonstrate critical thinking/create) during this lesson?

  5. Looking at the SAMR Model please note what level this lesson/project is at and explain.

  6. Look at the digital citizenship documents. Which element(s) will you focus on and how will you teach it in your lesson?

  7. What feedback did you receive from your DLC during your collaboration regarding this lesson/project?


Evidence of learning

  • Student Directions & Project Sheet

  • Photographs of students working on the project.

  • Examples of student work/project


  1. Did you achieve the desired student behaviors? Please explain.

  2. How was student learning enhanced with the use of digital learning resources? Could you have achieved the same level of student learning/behaviors without the digital learning component?

  3. Did the Digital Citizenship element you selected fit naturally in the lesson? Please explain. Is there another one that would have been a better fit?

  4. Is there something you would do differently?


We continue to have an issue with folks selecting the Print All option on printers. This messes up our print Q and makes stuff not work right. Please print one item at a time!