Werner's Weekly News

February 8-19

We're Learning...

We have now wrapped up our polar animals unit and we are learning about presidents in correlation with President's Day. During our polar animals unit we learned about animal adaptations and habitats. We focused on penguins, polar bears, and walruses and also discussed orcas, caribou, arctic foxes and seals. We practiced reading non-fiction passages and discussing non-fiction text features, vocabulary and comprehension strategies. The class wrote their own non-fiction passage about penguins to accompany their penguin craft. They painted a watercolor background using cool colors and then cut out and decorated their own penguin. We also worked on snow globe style animal habitat books. The kids illustrated habitats for each polar animal in the book.


We are still focusing on math facts (doubles, doubles+1, doubles+2). We have also been working on function machines, mental math strategies (such as subitizing)* and place value.

*Subitizing is being able to look at a group of dots, pictures, or shapes and know how

many there are without counting. This helps with mental math and computation.

Check out the Subitize Tree app for a fun way to practice subitizing with a lot of

different objects.


We are nearing the end of our non-fiction writing unit. I love seeing the kids apply text-features that they see in books in their own writing. We are always working on handwriting and writing super sentences with uppercase letter, punctuation, and spaces.


We have been working on putting words in ABC order this week. We have also reviewed r-controlled vowels and vowel teams through word work. Keep practicing sight words at home :)

Focus Quote:

"When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade."

We are learning to have positive attitudes and problem solve. :)

You probably noticed that there was not a homework menu this week due to the short week. We will resume homework next week. I encouraged the kids to read each night and practice math facts.

Arctic Expedition Room Transformation

We traveled to the "Arctic"!

On February 11th the class arrived to find Werner Airways set up in the hallway. They climbed aboard the airplane (their chairs) and we flew off to the "Arctic"! When they entered our room they found white and blue tarps covering the floor and all of our tables pushed aside to create the Arctic tundra and ocean. I created a burrow under our writing center and a polar bear den in our library. There were Arctic wind noises to add to the ambiance. We kept our coats on for our chilly adventure and I told the kids that they were scientists exploring in the Arctic. I explained that they needed to help animals return to their correct habitats by using their math and science skills. They completed their field journals using their math fact knowledge and strategies that we have practiced. Then, they had to use the code to reveal the animals' correct habitats.

Valentine's Day Party

Donors Choose Projects

We currently have one Donors Choose project for an Apple TV posted on my classroom page. A project for Readers Workshop tools will be posted in the next few days as well. When the projects reach the halfway point Zionsville Education Foundation will fund the rest. If you are willing to donate you can follow the link below to visit my classroom page. All donations are greatly appreciated!!