Mission Possible: Round Two

Friday, March 2, 2018


Congratulations on advancing to the second round of Mission Possible!! Round Two will be held at VLK Architecture Firm in downtown Fort Worth.

You should have received your next Mission over the weekend for this upcoming event:

A local business corporation heard your presentation outlining your amazing ideas to enhance the community! They are ecstatic to partner with you and make your vision become a reality. In order for your partnership to be complete, you must communicate how you plan to fund this project during your Mission Possible Round 2 presentation.

As a reminder, this information should serve as a supplement to your previous presentation. Any other tweaks or adjustments to the presentation or physical model should be made prior to your arrival. Teams are not required to create a completely new presentation but the presentation (new or old) is expected to include the information related to how the team will now fund their project.

We look forward to seeing you THIS Friday, March 2nd.

Items to Bring:

Please ensure that all students are loaded on the bus with the following:

  • Digital Presentation (thumb drive, etc.)- Updated with information related to funding the project as outline above
  • Physical Model with one "moving part"
  • Dressed in school approved attire- presentation attire is encouraged, but not mandatory; Students may also wear their Mission Possible T-shirts

Who can attend?

Only members of the Mission Possible Team and their campus agent (that means you) will be able to attend.

Campus Principals are always welcome but adults will not be able to go into the judging setting with their teams.

Any agent planning to attend for the day will need to contact Sonya Allen @sonya.allen@crowley.k12.tx.us in order to secure a substitute (if necessary).


Breakfast should be provided at the campus in a manner that it is normally served. Transportation will arrive shortly after the start of the school day (*see transportation schedule)

Lunch will be provided prior to returning to campus.

Transportation Schedule

Please ensure that students are prepared to depart from the front of their buildings at the following times:

Bus 1

Dallas Park 9:10

Sue Crouch 9:20

Bus 2

Summer Creek 9:00

SH Crowley 9:10

Hargrave 9:20

HF Stevens 9:30

The learning excursion for this round will include both a brief tour at the Amon Carter Museum, as well as a presentations from the architects at VLK.

*Bus 1 will report to VLK Architecture Firm first for their team presentations and then to the Amon Carter Museum for a tour

*Bus 2 will report to the Amon Carter Museum first and then go to VLK Architecture Firm for their team presentation

*Agents are responsible to ensure that the proper "Field Trip" forms are completed at each of your respective campuses.
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