Important RCPS Updates

"Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing or that, but simply growth.

We are happy when we are growing."

~William Butler Yeats

Great Things Going On!

  • The school picnic on Friday was a great time! All our students had so much fun eating outside...luckily we had beautiful weather too!!! Comments such as "best school day ever!"..."when can we do this again?"...and "let's do this every day!!" are the children's thank you to everyone. A HUGE thank you from me to all staff members who made this day a success.

Upcoming Events

Week of May 9-13

Monday, May 9

Teacher Substitutes

Tuesday, May 10

Incoming Kindergarten Student Visit Day

Teacher Substitutes

Wednesday, May 11

7:10 am--Grading Writing Prompts

Incoming Kindergarten Student visit Day

Teacher Substitutes

  • Sheila Barton--Barbara Misch
  • Sara Clouse (am only)--TBD

Thursday, May 12

9:00 am--North Newton Pre-Kindergarten Visit (Norris, Sammons, PK Team)

10:00 am--Head Start Meeting (Norris, Sammons)

Teacher Substitutes

  • Cathy Daniels--Sara Redlin
  • Jodi Hickman--Sheila Sutter

Friday, May 13

8:30 am--Case Conference (Zeilmann, Fuller, Cawby, Norris)

9:30 am--Case Conference (Zeilmann, Fuller, Cawby, Norris)

3:13 pm--End of the Year Barbecue...compliments of Social Committee

Teacher Substitutes

  • Elaine Parrish--no sub
  • Eric Russell--Libby Pickett
  • Lorie Barber (am only)--Beth Mulvihill
  • Sandy Warren (pm only)--Beth Mulvihill

Week of May 16-20

Monday, May 16

10:30 am--Case Conference (Fuller, Maienbrook, Norris)

Teacher Substitutes

Deb Bryant--Sheila Sutter

Kelly Geleott (pm only)--TBD

Michele Davis--Amanda Hickman

Tuesday, May 17

8:00 am--Case Conference (Sayler, Norris)

1:00 pm--Webinar (Norris)

Teacher Substitutes

Michele Davis--Amanda Hickman

Wednesday, May 18

7:10 am--Team Time (as needed)

9:00 am--2nd Grade PBIS Celebration

10:00 am--PK/Life Skills PBIS Celebration

11:00 am--1st Grade PBIS Celebration

1:00 pm--Kindergarten PBIS Celebration

Teacher Substitutes

  • Michel Davis--Amanda Hickman

Thursday, May 19

Conference (Fuller, Wuethrich, Borman)

9:30 am--End of the Year Award Program

Teacher Substitutes

  • Michel Davis--Amanda Hickman
  • Staci at Van all day

Friday, May 20

Last Day of School

All Day--Fun in the Sun

Teacher Substitutes

  • Michele Davis--Amanda Hickman
  • Cindy Hooker--no sub