Our Reading Class

Mrs. Klingenberg's April News

MAP Testing:

Due to MAP testing throughout the month of April, students will not be meeting with me on a regular basis. However, I have made classroom reading materials available to all students, and I highly encourage and recommend nightly reading in order to improve overall literacy skills and meet 4th quarter A.R. goals.

End of the Year Assessments:

Mrs. Smith and I will begin our end of the year assessments at the end of April. During this time, students will individually be pulled and given the F & P benchmark reading assessment to determine their reading level. This data is very useful, as it gives us insight into overall reading growth, and it also shares a child's instructional or independent reading level. This is necessary information as students are choosing that Just Right Book over the summer months to continue overall literacy growth. Students should be reading at or very close to their reading level in order to make maximum gains.

Summer School Recommendations:

I always like to share my recommendation that my students attend summer school if at all possible. During our summer school program, our F & P LLI curriculum will continue to be taught by one of our district's reading specialists, and this is a great way to continue on the path to literacy development. Sadly, there is something called The Summer Slide, and it is a true phenomenon. Students who fail to read over the summer months often lose the gains made during the school year. At times, too, students even regress to levels lower than they were previously reading. Summer school is a great way for students to move forward in literacy development!

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As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns.

Happy Reading ~

Mrs. Jamie Klingenberg