Evening Street Weekly Update

September 10, 2021

Principal's Message

The children have easily adapted to the six foot lunch distance, they are amazing! The extra parent help has eased and better managed the lunch processes. If this is a volunteer opportunity you would be of interest, please email Sarah Kalish at sarah6595@hotmail.com, the time is 10:30 a.m. to noon.

Next week we celebrate Dot Day on Wednesday and Constitution Day on Friday. Children may wear dotted clothing on Wednesday and red, white and blue on Friday. International Dot Day is an extension of the book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds. The book has inspired children and adults to make their mark in the world while encouraging creativity and confidence in oneself. Throughout the school, children will be doing various activities which will inspire them to be change agents.

Constitution Day will be celebrated to honor the birth of our Constitution. Our fourth grade students are videotaping skits to teach other children about the Constitution. Mrs. Jarzecki has been teaching songs about the creation of the Constitution and Mrs. Wetz asked children to decorate red, white, and blue stars with their hopes and dreams. Mrs. Duffey reached out to the Secretary of State's Office and they are making a video to share with the children about the Constitution.

This week we celebrated Patriot's Day. We teach about September 11th in an age appropriate manner. We do not instill fear or anxiety, but teach more about how our country came together by honoring the police officers, the fire fighters, and the health personnel who answered the call for aid. I am sure you remember where you were twenty years ago rather in high school, college, or at home. I was principal at Indianola Informal Elementary School. I remember going room to room to give the news to staff and making certain the children were sheltered from witnessing any images of the tragedy.

One by one, parents came to pick up their children, everyone thinking it was the end of the world. After all children left, the staff and I instinctively met in the lobby of the school and embraced one another. We made a quick plan for the next day to help support the children, I then told everyone to go home to those who were most dear in their worlds. To this day, I view September 11th as a day for everyone to let those most dear in your world know their value in your life. In this time of social distancing, I hope you shower your children with hugs and kisses tomorrow!

Best regards,

Mary Rykowski


Evening Street Carnival

Sunday, Sep. 19th, 4-7pm

885 Evening Street, Worthington, Ohio

Carnival wristbands are now on sale until September 15th. You may also purchase tickets for food, drinks, and raffle items the day of the carnival; a QR code will be available for ease of purchase and to lessen personal contact. PTA is hoping to limit cash for tickets as well as waiting in line as much as possible.

Click the link below for the amount of wristbands you would like to purchase. Wristbands are $20.00 each and include unlimited access to the inflatables, ten tickets for use of the raffle, games, food, and drink stands; they save you money and time from standing in line to purchase tickets the day of the Carnival!

Carnival Wrist Band 1

Carnival Wristband X2

Carnival Wrist Band X3

Carnival Wrist Band X4

Carnival Wrist Band X5

Look for Carnival sponsors to be on the sign at 161and High Street on Monday!

Downloadable Wristband Order Form

Below is a link for volunteers for all the stations and activities at the Carnival. Thanks to those who have signed up, but many slots are left!!!

Volunteer Sign UP

Donations are needed:

  • 2 liters of pop dropped off at school by 9/16.
  • Cakes/desserts for the cake walk dropped off at school by 9/17.
  • Raffle items. We are looking for items like sports baskets, movie baskets, coloring books, headphones, toys, candy, anything that the kids would be interested in at this time. Please drop off donations to school by 9/10.

If you have any questions or need anything please reach out to Alainna at agreene1516@gmail.com

Please encourage your child to enter the poster contest to win a wristband for the carnival!

Submit posters to school by September 15th!

Information is below!

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Join the Evening Street PTA

Please support the Evening Street PTA by purchasing a membership. A Family Membership is just $15.00. This year, we are offering a Grandparent Membership for just $10.00, please share the link!

Eagle Family Groups

The staff determined a safe way for Eagle Family Groups to meet! The Eagle Family Groups are small groups of students, across grade levels, that meet with one staff member throughout their time at Evening Street. The small groups promote a sense of belonging across all ages at Evening Street. Due to COVID last year, we did not meet.

On Thursday, September 23rd, we will host our first meeting. It will be Beach Day at Evening Street. Children are encouraged to dress in Hawaiian or beach themed outfits. We ask that each child bring a beach towel. Eagle Family Groups will meet outdoors, spreading out and maintaining safe distancing. Our rain date will be September 30th.

Children and staff loved getting to know one another in their EFG's! In this time of feeling so disconnected, we really want your child to feel a special connection.

Save the Date!

The Cardboard Challenge is back! Cardboard Challenge was ignited by the ingenuity of one child named Caine. Watch how his vision of an arcade became a reality: Caine's Arcade

Evening Street will host a Cardboard Challenge, October 9, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to Noon in the gymnasium (masks must be worn indoors) and outdoors, weather permitting.

There is no fee, just come, have fun and create!

PLEASE save cardboard for us!!! Cardboard donations may be dropped off at Evening Street beginning October 4th!

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Welcome Tolulope Sulaimon

Tolulope Sulaimon is working on his PhD in special education as well as his principal’s license through Ohio State University. He will spend time at Evening Street as he works on his licensure. Tolulope taught for four years in Nigeria, and also attended Cleveland State before coming to OSU. His focus is in Applied Behavior Analysis. Tolulope also supervises student teachers in Westerville City Schools. He said he wants to take his knowledge learned from an outstanding school such as Evening Street back to Nigeria! You will see Tolulope around Evening Street throughout the year.

Planning for Safety in our Schools

The safety of our staff, students, and community is always a priority in Worthington Schools.

Statistics show that when staff and students within a school are prepared with knowledge and practice, they respond to emergency situations with positive results. For that reason, schools have always engaged in routines, drills and learning that support everyone’s safety.

Historically, our schools have participated in the following safety drills:

A. Fire Drills that provide knowledge about reporting fire hazards, and experience with a safe evacuation of the building using multiple exits.

B. Weather Drills that provide knowledge about how to be calm and safe in the event of weather related events (such as a tornado), and experience with locating sheltered space within the building in which safety is maximized.

C. Lock-Down Drills that provide knowledge about circumstances in which free movement in and around the building is curtailed (such as neighborhood disturbances or unruly school visitors), and experience with locking down the school perimeter, classrooms, and common areas to keep students safe in a secure area until the circumstance passes.

D. Rally-Point Drills that provide knowledge about exiting the building safely, (such as a gas leak or unsafe school visitor), and experience with walking to a predetermined safe space.

Public schools are required by Ohio law to engage in a "Full Scale" Safety Drill every three years. A "Full Scale" drill is one that combines traditionally practiced drills and will include a controlled classroom lockdown and simulated evacuation of the school, including processes to move students away from the school building in the case of presence of danger at school.

Worthington school staff have been trained in emergency response using the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training model. Part of this training for staff included how to take additional counter measures during a “lockdown” to facilitate students in an evacuation to a school “Rally Point” from which students could be transported to a “reunification” location to be joined with parents/guardians. Reunification points may vary, but the Worthington Education Center (WEC) would be considered first.

Prior to conducting the full scale safety drill, it is important to prepare students for participation in an age-appropriate manner.

During the month of September, our elementary Library Media Staff will be sharing an age-appropriate informational picture book with students in grades K-2. The book outlines awareness building for students, and includes teaching about a school rally point, which students will locate and visit. Students in grades 3-5 have participated in this read aloud previously. Should you like to preview the book, please reach out to your building principal.

Additionally, in the days leading up to each building’s full scale drill, classroom teachers will lead students in an age appropriate discussion that allows students to understand the steps involved in completing the full scale drill. The purpose of this is to eliminate any feelings of surprise and to allow students to know what to expect.

Our schools are great communities for learning. Being prepared for unplanned interruptions is one way to build confidence for ultimate student safety. The safety of our staff, students, and community is always our priority.


Rob Messenheimer

Director of Elementary Education

Worthington City Schools

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Outdoor Education Center

Ground has broken for an Outdoor Education Center on the green space by the staff parking lot. This structure is funded through a grant program. Having the wooded area behind the school will make this a great setting for outdoor learning!


Would you be able to volunteer 30 minutes a week to read to just one child? If so, please think about attending an informational meeting about Project MORE on Monday, September 20th at 8:30 a.m. in the Evening Street Cafeteria. Please complete the Google Form below if interested:

Project MORE Volunteer Form

Circle of Grandparents Seeking Volunteers

Circle of Grandparents (COG) is a character education program that has operated in the Worthington School District for nearly 20 years. With the support of Worthington Schools and the nonprofit Partners for Community and Character, senior volunteers use community-chosen qualities to teach students the importance of good character.

We’re looking for volunteers! Our goal is to have a grandparent in each Worthington School

elementary classroom. As a “Grandparent”, you can draw from your own life experiences and

individual talents to teach concepts of character to your “adopted” class. No classroom or

teaching experience is required, COG will provide support and materials to you through monthly, optional meetings.

You do not have to be an actual grandparent to participate, however, if you are a grandparent to a child in the Worthington Schools, you may request your grandchild’s class. Any “Grandparent” has the option to choose the school and grade level they wish to assist.

This is a wonderful opportunity that benefits all who are involved. Interested in learning more? Please contact Jim McElligott at jamestmcelligott53@gmail.com.