By, Jasmine Fernandez


  • In charge of all the civilians in my kingdom.
  • I have to collect all of the taxes from the civilians.
  • I have to make sure and hire enough servants and nights for the kingdom to be stable.


  • In have allot of money.
  • I have a lot of power.
  • I have allot of responsibilties.

My daily life:

  1. I wake up to servant serving me food and dressing me.
  2. I boss the kingdom around while my vessels follow me around protecting me.
  3. I would then throw a ball and invite all of the nobles and have the peasants serve us.
  4. Then I go and buy a bunch of expensive merchandise wig the taxes that collected.
  5. Then I go to the commanding night to check on how wars going before I go to bed in my giant castle.