Careers in Media

By: Nishant M.

There are many Careers in Media.

Careers in Media can vary from from sitting behind a desk, editing a video, to designing a billboard. Media is a part of our life everyday. We might not notice it, but it's all around us.

There are various careers.

In Media, there are many careers, such as directors, actors, anchors, journalists, directors, producers, on scene reporters, cameraman, and writers. Those are just a few careers you can pursue in media. There are much more.

3 Jobs that Interest Me


An Anchor is a person who reports the news on television. They go in depth about the topic.

Their responsibilities are to give the information thoroughly. They must be confident and clear. They also have to be correct in the information they talk about. Sometimes it can be very stressful, due to the fact that they are live. This means they can’t go back and fix there mistakes, because everyone has seen it.

To be an Anchor, you have to have a Bachelors, or Masters degree in Journalism or any other related field.

The estimated starting salary for a news anchor starting their career is around $30,000.

If you were to relocate to a different city, to get a better chance in securing your job in this field, you probably would want to move to New York City, or Atlanta. You would want to move there, because that's where the major broadcasting shows are held, for Channels like CNN.

Anchors can earn a lot of money, if they are the big stars. They can get around 200K, to the millions.

CNN Anchor: Don Lemon

Don Lemon is an anchor, for the T.V. show, CNN tonight with Don Lemon. Don majored in broadcast journalism, at Brooklyn College. While he was in college, he worked as an assistant WNYW in New York City. In his early career, he worked in Birmingham, Philadelphia, and St. Louis. Don Lemon started with CNN in 2006.

NBC Anchor: Matt Luaer

Matt Luaer is an anchor, for the T.V. show, Today Show. Matt attended Ohio University, but quit to pursue journalism. Matt worked at an internship at WOWK-TV in West Virginia. The risk paid off when he landed a news producing spot. By 1980, he was an on-air reporter. Throughout the years Matt has co-hosted many T.V. shows. In 1994 Matt became a News Anchor, for the Today Show.

CNN Anchor: Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett is an anchor, for the T.V. show , Erin Burnett OutFront. Erin attended Williams College, where she studied political science and economics. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Economy. Erin began her career as a financial analysts for Goldman Sachs, in their investment banking division. While working as an investment-banking analyst, Burnett was offered a position at CNN as a writer and Booker for CNN's Moneyline. She didn't accept. Then on October 3, 2011, Erin came to CNN, and worked for her show, Erin Burnett OutFront.

Why I chose to research this field

I chose to research this field, because to me it seems very interesting, giving news that no one knows yet. I would probably go into this field, because I love journalism, it seems very unique.


Screenwriters help create written scripts. They write the scripts.

Specific responsibilities are to transform ideas into written scripts, and to collaborate with directors, and producers.

Writers must be creative, so that there stories sell.

It would be very helpful, if you had a bachelors, or masters degree.

First time screenwriters don’t make a lot of money. They usually make around 30k for their first movie. Someone with a lot of practice in this field would probably earn 60k to 120k.

If you were to relocate, to get a better chance of securing the job, you would probably have to relocate to Hollywood. That is where many people shoot their films.

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg, started to create movies, only when he was 12. As Steven grew up, he was fascinated with all the movie stuff. He was one of the youngest television directors. Steven has won many awards, for his work, from him writing about historical events to sci-fi. Steven Spielberg has won many awards and is known as one of the best screenwriters today.

Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a famous American Screenwriter. He is known for his romantic comedies. Allen attended college at New York University. He failed a course in motion picture production. Discouraged he dropped out, and soon began writing for television. Over the years, Woody Allen make many shows. Over the years he became more successful. Today Woody Allen is a very respected writer.

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is famous for his “Batman” series. Christopher, started creating films as a child, at the age of 7. He attended the University college of London, where he studied English Literature, and joined the school’s film society. Nolan was the one who wrote The Dark Knight Rises, and Inception. In 2014 he wrote Interstellar. All of these films were big hits. Christopher Nolan, is known for being a great screenwriter.

Why I chose to research this field

I chose to research this field, because writing seems very fun. You can add whatever you want you want in your story to make it thrilling. Thats why I would like to go into the writing field.


An actor is a person, whose profession is acting on stage, television, or movies. Specific responsibilities vary for the type of actor they are. Any actor, must remember their roles, meet with the agent to discuss the role. Actors must also memorize their lines, and perform their roles under the director’s instructions. Those are just a few specific responsibilities that an actor has. No education levels are required to become an actor. The estimated starting salary for starting actors is not that much. They usually earn upto $40K a year, or less. Someone with a lot of practice in this field can earn up to $40 Million! Thats right, all the big actors get a lot of money up to the millions. If you were to relocate to secure your job, it would be wise to move to Hollywood, where all the movie industries are based.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is one of the biggest actors today. Liam has had the acting talent since he was a young man. In the 1980’s Liam was in a handful of British T.V. Shows. Around 2004, Liam started acting in the big movies, such as Batman Begins, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Star War Episodes. Ever since, Liam has been a big star in the movie industry. Liam is a great actor today.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson was born into a professional wrestling family. Dwayne didn’t want to follow his father's footsteps, and decided to play football at the University of Miami. He was about to get a spot in the NFL, but had a serious back injury. After the football incident, Johnson decided to do wrestling. In 2001, Dwayne made his big splash with the Scorpion King. Every since Dwayne has been a big movie star. Today he is one of the biggest and greatest movie stars on the planet.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous American Actor. As a kid Leonardo’s parents were divorced. He mostly stayed with his mom. Leonardo began acting when he was only a teenager. He didn’t have a lot of success in Hollywood, until he was a teenager. For years Leonardo had trouble getting an agent. By the early 1990’s he started doing regular television work. In 1991, Leonardo took a big leap forward to cast a family comedy show. Ever since then he proved that he had talent. He started working on movies and became a big movie star. Today Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the best actors on the planet.

Why I chose to research this field

I chose to research this field, because I like acting. I feel like when I act, I feel like a completely different person. Thats why I would try to become an actor.

I know that was long, but Thank You for watching!


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