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October 31, 2018

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September Character of the Month

This student shows RESPECT by being kind to others.

  • Does not tattle on others just to get them in trouble

  • Shows kindness towards others in daily actions

  • Helps out peers and teachers without looking for a clip up or reward

  • Uses nice words when talking to others

Kindergarten- Destin Grisanti, Zoee Hadsell, Riley Evans

1st Grade- Cullen Loftin, Kaylee Oberhaus, Gemma Crow

2nd Grade- Morgan Andrews, Ava Lane, Peyton Gorczyca

3rd Grade- Joseph Hartness, Patrick Sorensen, Brooke VanGilder

4th Grade- J.T. Flemming, Ira Joy Lavinder, Alex Andrews

Important Dates

11/2- End of 1st Grading Period

11/3- Time Changes- Turn your clocks back

11/5- No School- Professional Development Day

11/7 Conferences- 4:15-8:00

11/8- Early Release 12:00

Conferences- 1:00-5:00

11/9- Veterans Day Assembly

PTA Father/Daughter Dance 6:30-8:30

11/13- Family Activity Night

11/14- PTA Meeting 6:30

11/15- Marco's Pizza Night

11/21-11/23- No School

11/28- Fall Picture Retake Day (pre-pay only)

12/5- PTA Meeting 6:30

12/6- Yearbook Candid Pictures

12/7- K-2 Field Trip to Severance Hall

12/10- 12/12- Santa Secret Shop

12/11- 1st and 3rd Grade Music & Art Show with Book Fair 5:45-7:30

12/13- Marco's Pizza Night

12/22-1/1- No School Winter Break

1/2- School Resumes

Marvelous Mondays and Spirit Days

11/6- Inside out or Backwards Day

11/9- Veterans Day Assembly- Wear Red, white and blue or camouflage

11/12- Cavs Day

11/19- Board Game Day

11/20- Electronics Day (Be sure to get your parent's approval)

11/26- Animal Day- wear your favorite animal shirt or hat

12/3- Mis-matched Day

12/10- Show and Tell- Bring something to show your class

12/17- Christmas is coming- Bring your favorite toy that can fit into your book bag

12/18- Ugly Sweater Day

12/19- Christmas Hat Day

12/20- Hawaiian Day

12/21- Wear your Red and Green

Fire Safety Week

October 8-11 was Fire Safety week! Copopa students spent the week learning about how to keep themselves and their families safe in the event of a fire. The Columbia Fire Department came in and held a very informative assembly. They also brought in some of the fire equipment during recess for the students to explore. The poster contest was a huge success and the winner of the Captain Dave Zelinsky Award was Alex Andrews . He was driven to school on the fire truck on Monday, Oct. 15th. What a great week for everyone! Thank you to the Fire Department for putting this week on for our school.

Math Night at Red Wagon Farm

On Tuesday October 23rd, Columbia students and families enjoyed their 3rd annual Family Math Night at Red Wagon. We could tell you about it ourselves, but why not hear what everyone thought:

From the kids:

"It was awesome!" -Jamie B Gr. 3

"The cornmaze was my favorite because of the shapes on the scarecrow. I almost found all of them!" -Colin G. Gr. 4

"The funnest thing about it, was doing math pumpkins!" -Morgan S. Gr 2

"The best thing was, EVERYTHING!" -Jon L. Gr 2

"My favorite thing was going through the corn maze, because it's fun to go on an adventure; and I like the problems!" -Annabella N. Gr 4

"The hayride was spooky and scary!" -Ava C. Gr 3

My favorite was...

"...the corn maze, I got lost and found a mud puddle!" -Cody R. Gr 4

"...the wood maze becasue of counting our steps, and knowing the degrees we turned, and then multiplying by 3 at the end. It was hard, I used mental math though. It was fun!" -Kailtyn G. Gr. 4

"..the hay maze, because I like looking at scarecrows!" -Makayla N. Gr 4

"The wood maze was fun!" -Ryan B. Gr. 4

"I liked the corn maze because you had to find the questions." -Tegan R. Gr. 1

"I liked the corn maze, it was fun, you had to walk around and find the questions." -Cullen L. Gr 1

"My favorite part was everything! But, I like the hayride and playing with my friends the most." -Anthony D. Gr 4

From the Parents:

"The kids were enthusiastic about math. I was happy to see my kid excited about learning. It is important for me to remember to make learning fun." -Mrs. Jones, Parent

"I love having a specific place for middle schoolers to go and do math problems while having fun. My own children look forward to this every year!" -Mrs. Bellisario, CMS Math Teacher and Copopa Parent

"I thought it was fun for our family to go to the farm." -Mrs. Welch Parent

From the teachers:

"It was a great event for all ages!" Mrs. Schwartz, 1st grade teacher

"It was great to see all the different kids outside of school. It was nice to see family involvement." Mrs. Milluzzi, Technology Teacher

"I love seeing kids who approach learning with fear, and hesitance, having fun while trying to be challenged at the math stations. To watch the kids smile, and truly enjoy themselves is an awesome thing!" -Mrs. Rumes, Intervention

As always, we are open to suggestions for next year! If you have any input or suggestions you'd like to share, please send in a note or write an email to Kim Rumes at Thanks so much for another great event Copopa Families!

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Copopa’s Yearbook Cover Contest!!

Open to ALL grade levels!

Make your cover clean and neat with words spelled correctly.

Use 8 ½ x 11 in. printer paper.

Use markers or colored pencils.

(No glitter, staples, eraser marks)

Make sure it says:

Copopa or Copopa Elementary School


*Write your name and teacher on a post-it note and put it on the back.*

(if you are chosen as a winner, I will have you add your name to the front.)

One cover will be chosen for the front and nine will be featured on the back cover.

*Due to Mrs. Andrews by Thursday, November 15th*

Red Ribbon Week at Copopa Elementary School

Copopa Elementary School celebrated Red Ribbon Week

during the week of October 22 through October 26, 2018.

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated nationally to help everyone

remember to stay away from drugs and alcohol, and to

celebrate life by doing things we enjoy and love. Spirit days

were held every day, Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was

wear red day, Wednesday was wear a hat day, Thursday was

green and white or Raider wear day, and Friday was Twin day.

Students were able to attend a real live high school pep rally

on Thursday when football coach Jason Ward came to the

school with the marching band, cheerleaders, color guard, and

high school athletes. Coach Ward talked to students about

the Golden Rule, and how being kind and treating other people

the way you like to be treated will help make life fun and

rewarding. Students and staff enjoyed the week and will

always remember Red Ribbon Week 2018!

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Pajama Day

An Evening of the Arts!

The First and Third Grade Art Show, Music Program, and Book Fair will be on Tuesday, Dec. 11th from 5:45-7:30 we will be holding our first ever combined Arts night! We are excited to be offering the opportunity for parents and friends to walk through Copopa and see their students' art from 5:45- 6:30 before they enter the gymnasium to be entertained with their music program. We are hoping that this turns out to be the first of many more years of an evening of the arts! We are also offering the opportunity for the parents to shop the book fair from 5:45-6:30 as well. We look forward to seeing the wonderful turn out from the community and sharing all of the hard work that the students have been putting in so far this year!

Screentime Guidelines for Parents

Check out this great article about some great guidelines for your students in school and at home.