For Darkness Shows the Stars

By-Diana Peterfreund By-serenity smith

-A brief beginning(exposition)(inciting incident ) -

The story beings with Elliot finding out that her father has destroyed her field of special wheat in order to build a racetrack. Elliot feels trapped because she knows the moment she reveals how important the wheat is to her, her father will be even more inclined to take it away from her as is his cruel nature. Elliot's father is a rather out-of-touch and silly creature who thinks he is wealthy but doesn't realize that Elliot has been scraping for pennies to keep the family going through projects like the special wheat which her father has just sabotaged for an inane reason. Elliot's father and sister are obsessed with maintaining their Luddite lineage and bearing even to the point of ridiculous spending when they have no money. It is left to capable Elliot to manage the bills and feed and care for the slave labor. Elliot finds out that a famous Admiral would like to rent rooms at their manor and use some of their slaves to help build a new ship.


Elliot is introduced to the Admiral and his wife as well as his captains. Elliot is impressed by the behavior of these Posts - they are so brazen and confident. To Elliot's shock, one of the captains turns out to be her childhood friend, Kai, who now calls himself Captain Wentforth. There is a history between Elliot and Kai - Kai and Elliot were lovers when they were young. Kai asked Elliot to run off with her but she, bound by her duties and pressured by societal expectations as well as familial objections, refused. Kai left her, feeling angry and now they have reunited on equal ground with Kai being a successful Captain and he is cold towards her because he is still angry at her. Later that night, Elliot discovers Kai at his old haunt but he is leaves brusquely, breaking Elliot's heart again. The next day, Elliot and her sister Tatiana, accompanied by another old Luddite family, Horatio and Olivia Grove meet the guests. Kai seems to take an interest in Olivia and Elliot pretends that she doesn't care. The group travel to the star-cavern sanctuary on their estate. These sanctuaries were where the Luddites hid during the wars .


The next few weeks Elliot keeps away from Kai and busies herself with work. She overhears that Kai is planning on marrying Olivia Grove. Elliot finds she is still frustratingly in love with Kai because the news tears her up. At a Post party, Andromeda continues to challenge Elliot, trying to make Elliot seem insecure. Kai makes an appearance at the Post party and he and Elliot again argue. Elliot is almost surprised at how Kai thinks of her and how his anger comes out in such bitter, mean-spirited ways. Kai makes the statement that the Posts that are still working on the estate are risking themselves if they think Elliot can protect them because Elliot certainly didn't protect or care about him. At the manor, Elliot is shocked that the nephew who is supposed to own the estate has arrived. Benedict, the cousin, appears. The next day, Elliot learns that Kai has apologized to everyone about his behavior the night before, including to Elliot. That same day, everyone decide to go for a ride on the dunes. Elliot is decisive on if she wants to g or not as she doesn't want to be stuck in another awkward situation with Kai. Elliot and Kai tentatively have a grudging truce for a few moments as they compete with each other in an old childhood game of who can step furthest at the lip of the cliff's edge. . Kai then jumps off the cliff and lands, amazingly, on the nearest tower, something that doesn't seem possible but Andromeda claims is due to updrafts of the wind. Elliot puts two and two together and figures out that Kai is genetically enhanced.Olivia tries to do the same but falls and has several injures .

Falling action

Kai jumped over to rescue Olivia . Even though Elliot's mind is everywhere , she focuses on Olivia and directs Kai on what to do with Olivia bring Olivia to the Boatwright house and get Felicia to attend to her.After Olivia is at the Boatwrights house , Elliot decided she need to get away for a while so she went to the barn . Kai offered to walk her home but Andromeda suggested him to not go . When she made it to the barn she realized Kai was wrong but how can she judge shes been doing the same things . Even the special wheat - the genetically modified wheat - scares her, now as she realizes the magnitude of what she is doing. Later on, she confronts Kai about what she knows. Kai is no longer the same Kai she knew - he has literally been modified. Kai reveals that when he was in the enclaves (the dangerous places where free Posts gather), he took the risk to be experimented upon in order to survive. Kai reveals that the experiments were actually to help save Felicia's daughter. Kai then offers her money to keep his secret . How could he think so lowly of Elliot she wouldn't take money . Elliot spends the rest of the weeks avoiding all the free Posts. Back at the manor, her cousin Benedict tries to get to know her and insists that she show him the Boatwright house. Benedict takes an unusual interest in one of Elliot's reduced friends, Ro. Though Elliot is surprised that Benedict is so progressive in his thinking. During the visit, Elliot finds out that her grandfather had a fatal stroke. No one except Elliot and Felicia are around to care for her grandfather. In fact, Elliot's uncaring family are busy planning a house party .


Elliot finds out that Kai has been around the estate fixing things in secret, things that Elliot herself has been trying to fix. Elliot is defensive and confused. Kai is in a better mood than he has ever been. Then the news comes that Olivia is awake from her fall . Then Kai leaves the estate to deliver sun carts . Of course, there is immediately posturing and bullying from her father and sister but this time Elliot is strong. Elliot's father threatens to inform the authorities that Elliot has been growing illegal genetically modified wheat. He banishes Elliot from the estates. Elliot, feeling strangely empowered and free, decides to leave the estate. Before she leaves, she is confronted by Benedict who claims to want to marry her for the sake of business and maintaining the estate. Tatiana shows that she is surprisingly free of malice when she shows up at the barn. She informs Elliot that she will not be able to leave the estate unless she signs over the estate to her, like their father wants. Outside, the Baron has the reduced workers at gun-point to threaten Elliot into doing his will. In a surprising twist, Elliot doesn't give in and leaves. The posts and reduced workers riot against the Baron much to Elliot's dismay, as she doesn't want anyone to get hurt.Eventually, Elliot will get the estate. She and Kai will reunite - Kai will understand why Elliot couldn't just leave the estate and run off with him. She needed to stay and protect the reduced workers from the poor treatment and neglect they would get from her father and sister.Then she gets to the barn and received a letter from Kai asking her to join along . She rushed to get Ro and her bags and when she saw Kai it took one glance and he knew why shed came . to stay with him .