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September 30-October 4


Christina and I will be off campus next week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We will be attending a PBIS conference in Chicago. Trudy Knight, retired principal from Bauerschlag, will be here those three days. Yesenia will be here to support any needs and Kellie Edinburgh will be here to support SD/PASS. Please try to take care of discipline problems by calling parents. Trudy can help with big issues.

Important Dates

September 30

AMC counting K/AMC combo base 1st close

Day 4

October 1

Wear your college shirt with jeans

Kinder PL

Jen off campus am

Huddle meeting 3:30 p.m. in library

Day 5

October 2

Jen and Christina off campus all day

Kinder PL

3rd grade curriculum study


Day 6

October 3

Jen and Christina off campus all day

2nd grade curriculum study

Day 1

October 4

Jen and Christina off campus all day

BAS window for 1st and 2nd closes

TTESS Goals in Talent Ed due


Day 2

Twitter Information

I have really enjoyed seeing all the Twitter posts from your classrooms. Twitter is a great way to showcase all the wonderful learning happening in the classroom. If you are comfortable tweeting, awesome! If you are not, no worries! Twitter is a great tool that I love and wanted to share with you. It is not for everybody. Please do not feel like you have to tweet!

I do want to share Chelsea's story she shared with me. She said she was a little nervous about tweeting but was so excited when Dr. Smith retweeted her tweet! Dr. Smith, Susan Silva, Holly Hughes, Rachel Powell, Anne Smith and others love to retweet the great things they see happening.

If you have a twitter account, I will be giving you people to consider following if you are new to Twitter. I use Twitter as my own PLN(personal learning network) I can't even begin to share all that I have learned my Twitter.

Twitter accounts to Follow











Big picture

Staff Shout Outs

A big shout out to Meggan and Christie for opening up their AA classes for visitors on Sept. 16(I am a little late on this shout-out!)

A shout out to Lisa Lewis for sharing Dysgraphia information. Sharing in front of the group is not always easy!

A shout out to Alyssa, Jason and Stephanie for a great Family Fit Night. The students and parents had a great time.

A shout out to Stephanie HIrsch for helping corral kids at the Watch D.O.G.S. launch

October Classroom Counseling Lessons

Parr Fall PL Schedule

RTI/ SST Information

If you haven't started yet, it is time to start documenting interventions and bringing students who are struggling to SST. Once a referral is created in Skyward an SST meeting will be scheduled. Below are some handouts to support you. Check with a teammate or stop by if you have questions or need help! ~Christina

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Purposefull People words-Responsibility and Perseverence

Morning Announcements-Pledge Helpers-Epps

Responsibility Challenge

Prepared and Punctual

This week’s challenge is to model Responsibility among staff members and students by being on time! Strive to be on time to work, doing attendance, picking up your students from block time, taking them to lunch, reaching goals, and showing up to meetings prepared and on time. Adults who model being punctual and respecting other people’s time teaches students what it looks like to be dependable.

Demonstrate how you manage time with your students by showing them how you do it! Walk them through how you set an alarm or write it down in a planner or add an event to a calendar. Better yet, have your students help watch the clock for you to ensure you are on time!

Responsibility video from Rally-watch until the 2:25 mark. You will need to preview the rest if you want to show the whole clip


T-TESS Goal Setting and Professional Development form due October 4

Click on the link below for directions on how to access Teacher Self Report and T-TESS forms