Duncan's Tragic Murder

R.I.P to The King

Murderous thoughts

It all seem to go well for the people living in Macbeth house until tragic and murderous thoughts had rose upon young Macbeth and he began to get very careless along with his evil wife Lady Macbeth who recently gave Macbeth the previous idea of the whole situation and how she wanted to know the switch in murder and as some people have seen or the people who have witnessed the murdering such as Mac duff he had awaken his sons quickly with no hesitation to seek out what had then happened. Blood was everywhere all over the sheets, the bed and leaking from the hands of King Duncan. People actually having to clean up the mess and pick up the body just could not bare the look or the nasty, filthy smell and odor.

The Bloody Knife

The stabs had been really deep and a really sharp knife was the serious threat in the situation and as the investigators are still searching for the where abouts of three to four people possible of this murder. The knife had seized to have a few finger prints on it and it was made clear after a few hours there wasn't just one knife there were two. The suspects that have came up so far are Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, The First Guard and also the Second guard