2015 Year in Review- Marketing I


Companies That Did Well In 2015

1.Google did very well, because it keeps on growing and coming up with new things to expand the company. They are also one of the best companies to work for because of the extra benefits such as on site physicians and health care.

2. Walmart, because the raised their pay to way above minimum wage at 15$ an hour. This sets an example for many other companies and it should help to give money back to people and boost the economy.

3. Disney did well because they bought Star Wars which will bring in lots of money in sales of product and the actual movies. They are also bringing in new additions to their theme parks bringing in more awareness to their company.


Two best and worst products of 2015

1. Drones (best)

2. Jeff Bezos reusable rocket (best)

3.Electric unicycle (worst)

4. Swissvoice L7 telephone (worst)


Top Movies of 2015

Star Wars: It was marketed by releasing many trailers and selling a lot of merchandise outside of the movie such as: T-shirts, video games, plushies, and collectibles.

The Martian: The Martian was marketed by trailers and being a book. The martian started off as a hobby by an engineer on the internet. Eventually many people had read it and it became very popular. Over time The martian was published and a movie came out about it.

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Best Musical Artists of 2015

1. The Black Keys: They marketed and spread their music by going on talk shows and touring, as well as playing around the country. They have a Facebook and a twitter that was constantly updating. They started to live stream songs and go on TV broadcasts in preparation of their album release of El Camino.


2. Adele: Adele Marketed her new album 25 in a very unique way. Weeks before the release of her new song a 30 second add played on the X-factor with the opening lines of her new song, but it did not show who the singer was or what the song was called. It made people very excited about the possibility of a new Adele album. When the song came out her fan base blew up and her song broke all previous records of downloads within the first week of release.


Movies That Made The Most Box Office Money 2015

1. Star Wars

2. Jurassic World

3. Avengers Age of Ultron

4. Inside Out

5. Fast and Furious 7


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New Years Resolutions

Personal Improvement: Manage my time better.

Friends And Family: Spend more time listening to what others have to say and take more advice from others.

School And The Outside World: Work Harder and spend less time goofing off and more time on my work.