Phoenix Valkyrie

Speak out against the storm, even whispers can echo.

Come join our perfect community

In the intervening time between the present and the future, a war between all countries took place. The result was an apocalypse. 50% of the world's population was wiped out. A team of brave mutants stopped this apocalypse. They eliminated war, crime and robbery. If any person tries to cause discord, humans are protected. The mutants have eliminated hunger, child abuse, anti-feminism, racism, and pollution. After the war they founded many nations. However they only founded one capital city; Phoenix Valkyrie, a capital of many nations.

The Phoenix Valkyrie Community

Monday, May 16th, 6:30pm

The Fire Ocean

Our community, Phoenix Valkyrie is located on a mountain found on an island in the Pacific Ocean, now known as the Fire Ocean. The capital city is located around the peak of the mountain. Citizens call it the Red Peak.

Phoenix Valkyrie was named after its mutant creators. Phoenix because this society rose from the ashes and Valkyrie because of the mutants' bravery, courage and strength. The mutant founders protect and serve the new nations.


Our community is family friendly, stylish, protected, modern and luxurious. We eat multi food, a filling pill that is flavored in any way a person wants. Meals are delivered. Transportation is by way of multi functional boots which include self-tie laces, warmth buttons, danger alert buttons, camouflage buttons, springs, wheels, jets, and drill heals. Clothing is green with a variety of camouflage patterns and comes with a self defense weapon.
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The Nation's Motto: "Speak out against the storm, even whispers can echo"

Our flag has many meanings: The swords represent protection and safety. The eye represents many different points of view. The wings are the wings of the Valkyrie. The colours of the wings represent the flames from where the Phoenix emerged.

The Laws of Phoenix Valkyrie

1. No robbery, burglary, muggings or crime will be permitted.

2. Everyone must attend social community events and gatherings. Social participation is a privilege.

3. To protect the nation everyone must do as the guardians ask in times of danger.

4. In times of danger, no leaving the community without the permission of the guardians.

5. All citizens must be heard.

For minor offences citizens are asked to give their time back to the community for 1-7 days.

The Fashion of Phoenix Valkyrie

Fashion is useful with common themes yet different for each person.

note: red hair is currently en vogue!

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Transportation in Phoenix Valkyrie: Multi-Functional-Boots - MFB

A simple solution to a complex problem, MFBs are sleek, functional and simple.
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Phoenix Valkyrie: A Balanced Society

Everyone has a voice and will be heard in Phoenix Valkyrie. Phoenix Valkyrie has tried to learn from the mistakes of past and hopes to not repeat them.
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