7 Black Team Newsletter

February, 2017

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Valentine Art by Dominique B.

Philadelphia Auto Show by Izzy B.

Since 1997 the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia has been producing the Philadelphia International Autoshow. The 2017 20th anniversary show was fantastic. One exception to the fun of the show was the horribly-delayed traffic due to a visit from Vice President Mike Pence who was speaking at Independence Hall.

All of the major auto manufactures were present including Honda, Ford, Jeep, and Volkswagen. One of the most entertaining attractions of the show was the famous movie cars. The movie cars included the Dog Van from Dumb and Dumber, the Batmobile from the original Batman movie, the new Ghostbuster’ car and the DeLorean from Back to the Future. There was also a display area for specialty cars like the racecar built by students from the Temple University College of Engineering. The Kia hamsters came too, and I got in a picture with them.

I’ve been attending this show for the past eight years as part of a family tradition with my Dad and Grandfather. Every year one of my favorite parts of the show is to sit in the cars and pretend like I’m driving. My favorite out of all the cars this year was a green Volkswagen Beetle. I figure in three more years I may actually be able pick one I can drive for real.

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An Interview with PACEsetter Matt O. (right) by Brianna W.

Were you surprised to be a PACEsetter? Why/why not?

I was very surprised. I didn't think I had all the characteristics to be a pacesetter.

What's your favorite part of Keith Valley?

I like the musical theater productions

What do you like to do outside of school?

Doing the musicals at TSP. That's Temple Sinai Players.


Video on Technology by Ben L.

Timber Edge Farm IEA Team by Kayla D.

Timber Edge Farm has an IEA team, which stands for International Equestrian Association. IEA is where you show and compete with your farm. Riders are judged on themselves and their riding; they are not judged on their pony, like other shows. Riders can ride as individuals and the trainer(s) of the farm can pick individuals to represent the team. So far, Timber Edge Farm has both their middle school and their high school teams qualified for Regionals. After Regionals there is Zones, then lastly Nationals, and each of them get more competitive. Before Regionals there are five horse shows called the regular season, where throughout the five shows you have to get a certain amount of points to qualify for Regionals. The Timber Edge Farm IEA team is so far doing great; hopefully they can qualify for Zones than Nationals.

An interview with Leo V. by Issac G.

How is it being new?

Better than my old school. It is more advanced.

How is the work?

It is enjoyable.

Are the teachers nice?

They are really nice.

How are the students here?

They are nice and helpful.

An Interview with Lexi G. by Dana R.

What's your favorite color? Sky blue

What's your favorite subject? Language Arts

Lucky number: 3

Favorite teacher through all the years: Mrs. Kahn

Favorite sport: Soccer or Gymnastics

Favorite place: Florida

One thing you like about yourself: My hair

Favorite TV show: Grey's Anatomy

Birthday: July 30

Favorite Book: The One and Only Ivan

Favorite Movie: Nerve or Charlie St. Cloud

Favorite Animal: Hedgehog

Favorite Food: Cheese-Its

One thing you couldn't live without: My family and my phone

Best Friends: Maggie, Dana, Mia M., Abbey, Mia F.

Favorite Winter Activity: Snowboarding

Sports Articles

"Trust the Process" by Sean J.

Throughout the month of January, The Philadelphia 76ers' season took a turn. Instead of losing games, they are winning games. Recently, I have talked to people about the recent success of the team, and the first thing they all said was that they are fun to watch. That is truly an understatement.

One of the biggest reasons to their success, is their center Joel Embiid who has definitely exceeded most fans’ expectations. He won the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month in November, December, and in January. Fans were talking All-Star game for this young star. Unfortunately, he did not make the all-star team.

Their success started when the 76ers won a game against the Knicks. But it was not just an ordinary win. The 76ers point guard, TJ McConnell, made a buzzer beater to win the game. That started the hype. Their January record was 10-5 with wins against the Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, Portland Trail Blazers, LA Clippers and the Sacramento Kings.

The special thing about the Sixers is that everyone contributes to their wins. Whether it is Joel Embiid, Robert Covington, TJ McConnell, Sergio Rodriguez, Ersan Illysova or Dario Saric that wins the player of the game, every single player contributes. Recently, they have picked up shooting guard Chasson Randle. They had signed him to a 10-day contract but they have decided to sign him for a full contract. Ben Simmons, the first overall pick in this year’s draft, showed flashes of what he can do during the Summer League. He had an untimely foot injury that forced him to be on the sidelines for a few months. He has proven to be a potential superstar that this roster needs. Fans eagerly await his arrival around the All-Star break. The Sixers’ motto, “Trust the Process”, has worked throughout the season so far and fans hope it works for many more.

The Eagles Drought by Connor D.

The Philadelphia Eagles did just as fans had thought they would before the season opener. Then after the first 3 games everyone jumped on the Carson Wentz bandwagon. Carson Wentz is still an amazing QB, and could have an argument to be better than Dak Prescott. Carson and his unimpressive Eagles went 7-9 after a 3-0 start, including a blowout against the Steelers, a Super Bowl contender. We only won 4 games after. Although it may look grim now, the Eagles have a lot to hold onto for the following seasons. This year the Eagles will have many chances to get a star in the draft with Mike Williams ,a sure handed receiver and a very good mix of amazing cornerbacks. Now the Eagles may not look promising, but they are, and will stay the Wentzylvania Eagles.

In the Classroom

Math by Ryan T. and Dylan K.

In Math 7 we are working on inequalities. We are graphing and solving inequalities.

In Algebra we are working on inequalities as well. We are writing and solving both one and two-step inequalities.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we had a town meeting debate on whether we should be Patriots or Loyalists. The four classes were split: 2 voted to remain loyalists and 2 voted to become patriots. Right now everyone is writing a Declaration of Independence. We will give these as speeches later this week.

Language Arts by Kristen B.

In Language Arts we are looking further into the Holocaust. We are learning about what caused it, why it happened, and who it affected.

We just finished reading in small groups. Every group had a different book. While reading the book we had to make notes using our signposts. In Language Arts now we are also looking deeper into Contrast and Contradictions: how they work and how to use them correctly.

Science by Reiley P.

In Science right now we are learning about vertebrates. We recently watched Finding Nemo and put the organisms from the movie into proper classification groups while we watched.

See the video below to view a presentation on Cartilagiinous fish, an example of the vertebrate project that students completed in small groups. This presentation was by Lily N., Faith B., Lexi G., and Sylvia W.

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Bus Artwork by Iby E.

January Stories Below

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Winter Scene Artwork by Martine R.

Water for South Sudan Announcement by Julia F.

Water is taken for granted everyday. However, many places around the world do not have clean water that is healthy to drink, including South Sudan. People have to walk miles and for hours a day, just to retrieve dirty and disease-ridden water that can make them severely ill.

At Keith Valley, we are raising money to repair the equipment that built the wells, because without the equipment, there cannot be any wells built until the materials are repaired. With donations to Water for South Sudan, little by little, the Sudanese will have underground wells that tap into clear and healthy water.

Please consider donating to our Change Wars. Each homeroom has a collection jar. The first collection will be counted on Wednesday, January 18th. Thank you!


News Letter, Guess the Song!!!

Guess the Song Video by Ava N.

Interview of a pacesetter

An Interview with PACEsetter Kayla by Andrea S.

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Dog Drawing Lesson by Abby R.

Important January Dates

January 16- No School

January 19- KVHSA Meeting

January 26- Ski Trip

January 27- Quarter 2 Ends

January 30- No School

Sports Articles

Chicago Cubs, 2016 World Series by Zach G.

On November 2nd 2016 at 8 o’clock, in the 7th and final game of 2016 World Series (WS), Corey Kluber took the mound against the MLB ERA champion, Kyle Hendricks. On only 3-days’ rest, Kluber had a 4-1 record in the post-season and with a 0.89 ERA, he went 4 innings, throwing 57 pitches. Hendricks, on the other hand, went 4.2 innings throwing 63 pitches. The pitching wasn’t the best in this game considering that in total there were 15 runners to cross the plate. The offense was the best part of this game, with 24 hits and 4 of them being home runs. There were 15 runs scored, the most in the series, in this 10 inning brawl for the championship.

Early in the first inning the leadoff batter, Dexler Fowler, was up, only seeing 3 pitches before he hit the fourth straight over the center field wall. That put the cubes up 1-0 early. Then in the 3rd inning Carlos Santana had an answer. He roped one down the right field line for a RBI single to tie the game 1-1.

Then with no outs in the 5th Javier Baez came up. On the first pitch of the inning he hit a pop up to deep right-center that ended up going over the wall to make the score 4-1. Then the Indians struck next with 2 out and a 1-1 count on Lindor, Lester threw a ball in the dirt and it got away from Ross. With great base running the Indians came away with 2 runs.

David Ross in his last game has to hit a home run doesn’t he? Well he did just that, right over Davis in center field. To tie the game in the 8th inning R. Davis hit a line drive to left field. All the scoring would go to the Cubes in this game. They would go on to win with a final score of 8-7!

The Philadelphia Union by Gavin L.

The Philadelphia Union is an American professional soccer team based in Chester, Pennsylvania. The Union competes in Major League Soccer as a member club of the league's Eastern Conference. The Union also starts their season on March 5, 2017 and it ends on October 7, 2017. The Union also run theme nights and promotion nights. One theme night is called U Thank U Night and is on October 23, 2017 when they will be playing against the New York Bulls.

There are exactly 23 players on the Union and their names are Alberg, Fabinho, Ayuk, Bedoya, Blake, Carroll, Creavalle, Davies, Ilsinho, Edu, Gaddis, Herbers, Jones, Marquez, McCarthy, Pontius, Rosenberry, Sapong, Simpson, Tribbett, Trusty, Wijnaldum, and Yaro. Jim Curtin is a retired American soccer player and currently the head coach for the Philadelphia Union. Also, Jim Curtin spent most of his playing career for the Chicago Fire. In 2016 the Union was in 6th place and their standings were 11-14-9. Let's see how good they are this year.

Teacher Profile: Miss Wilson by Arieanna S.

Subjects Taught: Math and Learning Support

Years Teaching: 2

Years at KV: 1

Miss Wilson splits her day between Keith Valley and Crooked Billet Elementary School. We welcome her to Keith Valley! She is engaged to fiance Alex.

How do you like KV?

I like it here. It's my first year here. I like the students and staff at KV.

What do you like to do outside of school?

I like to hang out with my friends and family.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution?

I do not. I could make one up, but I don't have one right now.

In the Classroom

Social Studies by Luan L.

In Social Studies we are working on the 9 events that lead America from happy colonies to declaring independence. The things we are learning on the Quartering Act are that soldiers could move into your house in the 1700s and they stayed there to protect you. The Americans think they are spying though or trying to steal from them. We have a quiz on the 9 Events on January 19th. Next week we are holding a town meeting where everyone will play a role to see if we would have gone to war with England.

Language Arts by Joey G.

In Language Arts we're writing a realistic fiction story. This week we are focusing on writing a good lead. And we're all reading a book in literature circles. We are still finding signposts as we read. Some of the books we are reading are Every Soul A Star, Tangerine, The Westing Game, Things Not Seen, and Wanted! Our second deadline and reading quiz is on Tuesday.

Math by Tarek E., Zach G., and Sam F.

In Algebra we are learning how to graph linear equations, standard form, point-slope form, and slope intercept. We are also learning how to create these equations and identify them, as well as use them in word problems.

In Math 7 we are learning how to combine like terms and we are also learning the distributive property.

Science by Veronica B.

In Science we are going over invertebrates like the octopus, mollusk, slug, and snail. Soon we will be learning about vertebrates like birds, mammals, and reptiles. We are also using Canvas to access videos on the different phyla of invertebrates. We have a quiz on invertebrates on Wednesday, January 18th.