Trailblazer Times

February Newsletter

It Pays to Be At School Each Day!!

The students pictured below each received a new bike and helmet from P.K.'s Bikes for being at school each day the first semester!! There were several students from each grade level who were in attendance each day and we drew one name from each grade to be the lucky recipient of the bike. Congrats and keep up the good work!

Captain Wattage and the FPL Energy Show

The 3rd graders were treated to a special performance from FPL and their drama team, teaching the students about conserving energy. They had a blast laughing at the antics of Captain Wattage!!

Instrument Zoo

Our 4th graders had a fun morning exploring various instruments during our annual Instrument Zoo. Volunteers from ARIAS (Amelia Residents in Action for the Symphony)
bring a vast array of instruments to the school and show the students how to play each one. The children rotate around the various groups of instruments and try their hand at playing them. They have a blast making a beautiful cacophony of sound, experimenting with what they find they are good at, and being challenged by what is new to them. It's a wonderful experience that leads many of our students to play an instrument in Middle School and High School.
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The Biscuits Are BACK!!!

Thursday, Feb. 15th is Chick-fil-A Spirit Night!!! We will be selling biscuits in the drop off line for $3. You KNOW you want one!!!

Upcoming Events

Feb. 4th: Cold Stone Spirit Day

Feb. 7th: Tornado Drill and Lockdown Drill

Feb. 8th: School Board Meeting at WES 6:00pm

Feb. 9th: Safety Patrol Dance (3rd-5th grade)

Feb. 12th: Chili's Spirit Day (11am-11pm)

Feb. 13th: PBS Students of the Quarter Pizza Party 11:30 am

Feb. 14th: Valentine's Day

Feb. 15th: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night (Chicken Biscuits will be sold in the drop off line for $3!!)

Feb. 16th: Author Visits

Feb. 19th: No School- President's Day

Feb. 23rd: Blaze Pizza Spirit Night