The Johnstown Flood

Disaster strikes

The disaster

Johnstown had been built into a river valley on the Appalachian Plateau. The Little Conemaugh and the Stony Creek Rivers. While the people were moving there stuff to the upper levels of there homes like they do several times cause little floods were usually but this flood would be different this time the dam would break. The lake was over 2 miles long and the a little over a mile wide and just at the damn its self it was 60 feet deep and there were many precautions to prevent the dam from breaking or overflowing but these did not work. The damn broke and destroyed the town. The water came flowing down with more force than Niagara Falls and over 14 miles of debris.

The Aftermath

After the flood all the houses were destroyed and move by the rushing water. 2,200 people were dead and most of the survivors were injured. The people were safe is if they were on top of there roofs that were just barely above the flood waters. Hundreds of people and workers had to come help to clean up, everyone's belongings and families were destroyed. But the town bounced back not back to its major industrial city but to a little town.