My Christmas


Christmas is my favorite holiday because...

I Like Christmas Because...

By Emily LeFevre

Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love it! I hope it is your’s to because here is a story about it! Just so you know it is a spectacular holiday!

First, one thing that I love about Christmas is going snow skiing! I love it because I get to go with the best dad in the whole world! Also I love the nice snowy cold snow that is very freezing and wet. Next, is that it is awesome because it is one of the most fun things that I get to do with my dad.

Oh! the next thing that Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love to decorate the Christmas tree! I get to put presents under the tree for my family. Also I like presents under the tree because some of them are actually for me. Not that I am bad or mean for any reason. Now it also smells really good to!

Now I get to tell you about the most spectacular part of Christmas. I get to go out to Massachusetts and see my relatives! I love it because they are so nice and when they are nice I get to have fun! Oh my! They are so funny and sometimes when their hilarious I don’t even know what to do with myself! So now that is is all said um oh we can talk about why they are so entertaining! Well they are entertaining because they are hilarious like I said before!

I hope you still like Christmas because I still do! It sure is still my favorite holiday! Have a spectacular Christmas everyone!!
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