Mobile Learning

The 1:1 Technology Initiative

The Initiative

Athens-Clarke County high schools are to begin the 1:1 technology initiative in fall 2015. We chose 1:1 instead of bring your own device because we wanted all students to have an equal opportunity to use technology in the classroom. We did not want students who can not afford their own device to feel left out or as though they were falling behind. Each student will be issued an IPad on the first day of school.
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Mobile learning provides students with the ability to learn what they want, when they want, and where they want. An assistant professor at Old Dominion University, Helen Crompton stated, "[mobile] learning can extend the boundaries of traditional pedagogues." Therefore, teachers will be able to use technology to enhance their already strong lesson plans. Teachers will be fully trained, and they will help students to successfully use their devices throughout the learning process. This initiative will help to make learning challenging so that students will be forced to think outside the box and be creative.
How to make Shakespeare Engaging

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The video below shows a high school that has already incorporated IPads into their classrooms.
iPads In The Classroom
Apps in the Classroom

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Creativity and Engagement

Having IPads in the classroom will give students the opportunity to be creative. They will have the ability to use different apps to aid in their learning process. These apps provide students with the opportunity to take notes in a creative format, produce interesting project, and so much more. With these new and creative ways for students to add to their learning, they will become more engaged. Students will be more excited and interested in the lessons due to the different ways technology will be incorporated into daily lesson plans. With more interest in the classroom, we predict an increase in test score. The IPads will be able to help cater to all different learning styles, so students will be better prepared for tests.
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