The Skeletal System

The Skeleton

What would happen if our body didn't have bones? Well we would be a big mess without the skeletal system. Inside our body is a skeleton made up of 206 bones in a adult body, but a baby body has about 300 bones, but as you get older the bones start to fuse together. The skeletal system has very important functions, like movement, protection and calcium storage that let us survive. Some of the main parts of the skeleton is the skull that protects our brain, the spine supports your back, and the ribs that supports your organs. The skeletal system is very important because it supports your entire body, and makes the muscular system move. It also gives you strength. There is so much more to learn about the skeletal system.

The Adult Skeleton

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Bone Problems and Diseases

  • Callagen- causes bones to break easily
  • Low Bone Dencity- makes your bones weak and break easily
  • Bone Cancer- makes cancer spread around your bones and body
  • Bone Tumor- causes bones to have aching pain on bones and cause fracture near tumor
  • Bone Fracture- causes bones to break
  • Pagent- makes bones weak

How To Keep Your Bones Heathy

  • Eat Calcium by drinking milk
  • Eat vitamin D rich foods
  • Exercise and maintain body weight
  • Have a good diet
  • Don't smoke or drink alcohol
  • Eat fish and walk in the sun
  • Eat whole foods
  • Eat vegetables with green leaves
  • Drink less coffee and don't drink soda
  • Don't eat a lot of salt

Different Types Of Bone Joints

  • Hinge Joint is in the ankle, elbow, and in the knee joint
  • Ball and Socket Joint is in the hip joint, and the shoulder
  • Gliding Joint is in the wrist and also in the ankle
  • Fibrous Joint is between skull
  • Cartilaginous Joint is connected by the cartilage
  • Saddle Joint is in the base of the thumb
  • Pivot Joint is against the upper arm

Some Bone Joints

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  • Cancer- a bad condition that spreads around your body
  • Fuse- to combine together
  • Fracture-something that is broken
  • Tumor-a swollen part
  • Maintain-to be in a appropriate condition
  • Cartilage-type of connective tissue in a body


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