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7 Ways To Grow Your Brand On Instagram

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From gaining a following to gaining sales, the key things you need to know

This 10 minute webinar will show you how to use Instagram like a pro to grow your brand, build your audience, and generate sales. These 7 tips will help you develop and master your brand or business' Instagram marketing strategy. Check it out here

7 Ways to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Friday, June 19th, 6-6:15pm

Are you using Instagram for your brand or your business? If you are, congrats! With over 300 million users on Instagram the opportunity to grow your brand on Instagram is incredible! Instagram, sold to Facebook for a cool Billion in 2012, gives brands the ability to reach an engaged urban audience age 18-35, deliver messages in a focused visual experience, and publish content in a creative, high-quality environment My tips in this 10 minute webinar will take the guesswork out of creating a successful Instagram marketing strategy for your brand and get you on the right track to building a huge following and a huge customer base.


at the end of the webinar you will be able to:

  1. Build A Following (to grow your audience)
  2. Engage with Your Community (to increase your exposure, gain followers and gather important marketing insights)
  3. Integrate Photos and Video Across Your Social Channels and Website (to help boost engagement with the fans and followers you already have on those channels)
  4. Be Consistent (to stay in front of your audience)
  5. Show Some Personality (to portray your brand's vibe)
  6. Link your website URL to your posts (to generate sales and traffic to your site)
  7. Advertise (to reach a larger, engaged audience)

Participants completing the webinar will learn how to use Instagram to grow their business and brand by executing an effective Instagram marketing campaign.

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About: Michelle V.

Michelle V. is a digital marketing and PR professional with over 10 years of experience providing expert advice and creating digital & integrated marketing strategies to reinvigorate and repositions global brands, start-ups, celebrities and artists. Brands she’s helped include Verizon Wireless, Entertainment mogul 50 Cent, McDonalds, NBC, VH1’s LHHATL Reality TV Star Rasheeda Frost, MAC Cosmetics to name a few. She has a BS degree in Internet Marketing and current Masters degree in Public Relations.