Learning about Plants

Kali Millynn

What is a Plant ?

There are many types of plants. All of these plants live in areaswhich have alotof sunlight and that are in tropical fields or gardens. If you think that plantsare long circular emerald green leaves or pink and blue flowers that have five petals surrounding the pollen. Well your wrong.

Strange and Unusual Plants

Plants come in even more shapes and colours they you can imagine. They can also eat little insects like flies. Some plants even MOVE! Some unusual known plants are the Cushion Plant, the Titan Arum Lily, the Rafflesia and the Jade Vine
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Parts of a Plant

Most plants have four main parts the flower, stem, leaves and the roots. There are also the stolon, rhizome, primary roots secondary roots and the root hairs. These are all parts of a plant but not main parts. All the parts of a plant work together to help the plant grow. The flower is used for bee's honey. The bee takes the pollen from the flower. The stems help keep the leaves strong and the roots soak up all the minerals in the soil.
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