The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Daily

Written By: Reporter Werning

Meet the Main Characters

Greg is one of the main characters. He is really wimpy. He is in middle school, and deals with a lot of problems. Some of the problems are with family, like with his older brother Rodrick, or his younger brother Manny. But, most of his problems are at school. All he really wants to do is play video games. Greg sometimes fights with his best friend Rowley.

Rowley is the other main character. He is Greg's best friend. Rowley's in middle school, but he doesn't know how to tie his shoes. He acts like he's in kindergarten, even though he's not. Rowley sometimes fights with Greg. He always plays with little first graders when he's not playing with Greg.

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  1. Never eat the barbecue potato chips at Greg Heffleys house. Why? Because Gregs little brother Manny, takes the chips out, licks all the flavoring off of them, then puts them back into the bag.
  2. Never buy ads like X-ray goggles or a cash machine from magazines because the X-ray goggles make you see blurry and the cash machine has to have real money inserted to work.

Work out!

Greg is really skinny and out of shape because he plays video games all the time. In gym their having a wrestling unit. Greg figures he needs to work out to get fit. So,he calls his friend Rowley over to exercise with him. Greg made his own dumbbells out of a broomstick, stuck through sand filled milk cartons. Greg knew he'd had the wrong idea inviting Rowley because he was decked out in workout clothes. Greg made Rowley do all the work, when it was really supposed to be him working out. Greg made Rowley go up and down, up and down, and up and down with the dumbbells over and over again. Eventually they had to stop because Rowley was getting mad, and he started biting the milk cartons to make the sand leak out! So much for Greg working out!

Barbie Shoe Disaster!

Greg wanted to have a Barbie Dream House for Christmas. He wanted it so he could have a fort for his soldiers. His dad said he wouldn't dream of his son having a Barbie Dream House, and his mom said he should experiment with whatever kind of toy he wanted to play with. Pretty soon they got into an argument. Greg's dad won the argument. But, Greg could always count on his Uncle Charlie to get him whatever he wanted. So he asked his Uncle Charlie for a Barbie Dream House. His plan pretty much backfired, because his Uncle Charlie probably walked into the store and bought the first thing he saw that said Barbie on it. Because he got Greg a Barbie doll. Greg didn't play with it much. Sometimes he did, and one day he was playing with it, and he ended up in the Emergency Room with a Barbie shoe stuck up his nose!

The Green Blobs!

Greg and Rowley loved the school bazaar so much they decided to make their own. They made real games, you would find at a bazaar, out of cardboard, they bought drumsticks and other food from the store, and they set it all up at Greg's house. Then they made signs that said: Fun and Games!, and Holiday Bazaar! They made the posters out of neon green poster board. It was the only poster board Greg's mom had, so they had to make due. They hung the signs on the school. Unfortunately, it started raining and the green coloring bled through the poster board, and onto the school! Then some cops came by. Greg and Rowley ran away. The next day at school, Rowley was really worried because vice principal Roy was calling kids up to the office, and police officers were questioning them. They even had a tip box so the people who supposedly made the "green blobs" could reveal their friend anonymously. Greg wasn't too worried. He had told Rowley to keep his mouth shut. Plus they were just calling the troublemakers up to the office. Then they called Greg to the office, and the vice principal showed Greg the anonymous note that said: Me and my friend Greg vandalized the school. Rowley had ratted him out. Greg explained that it was just an accident. The vice principal understood, but Greg had to bleach the blobs off the school!

Additional Info

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