Almost Legal

Happy 20th Birthday, Casey.

Once a year, I get pretty sentimental and wax nostalgic. So to commemorate your birthday, I have put together a little photo album.

Indulge me. I'm your mother.

Join me on a trip back in time. There are so many wonderful memories it was hard to choose among all the photographs.

I could have chosen the ones in which you are making the funniest faces. You made a hell of a lot of funny faces.


I could have chosen the sweetest ones reflecting the innocence of youth.


Since you are in college and pursuing a career in cinematography, I decided it might be fun remind you of other careers you were interested in once upon a time. Here goes:

Thank goodness you didn't choose to be one of these:

This is waaaaay better.

Actually, I would be proud of you no matter what you chose to do because I am proud of who you are. I love you, mom.