Lego Robotics Team

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What we did today:

Today, we voted on a team name so we are now officially called 'Creator Crusaders'.

We also chose our animal for the Animal Allies part of the competition and it will be the brown bat. We also worked in small teams of two to build our lego sets according to the Lego specs. Good job team! You did a great job.

Competition Date: Saturday, Nov. 12

For next week:

  1. The next thing the team will need to do is research the Indiana Brown Bat, white-nosed syndrome and how it affects bats, and find out what's being done to help the bats currently. Then come up with ideas on how we can help the bats. Who should we contact? DNR? Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators? Who else?
  2. Those interested in programming need to look at lego mindstorms on the lego website and view the videos on programming the robot. If you YouTube videos, please be sure a parent is with you!
You can access the lego site here: Lego Mindstorms EV3
  1. Think about a skit for the team. The skit will include information about Indiana Brown Bats and the problem with white-nosed syndrome. It will also include what's being done and our solution of how we can help.

* Next practice is Saturday, Oct. 8th 9am-12pm. If you will be gone for Fall Break, please let Dean know.

Coach Information

Dean Wright


Bryan Adrian